Loss Prevention System Protects your Business!

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As a business owner, you have likely worried over the safety and security of your establishment and employees while you or other managers cannot be on the premises, such as during late shifts or during deliveries. Since it is not possible for you to always be on site to make sure everything is going smoothly with your business, it is imperative to have a capable loss prevention system that will provide your business with the comprehensive security that it needs to remain safe during all hours of the day.

Video Surveillance: Loss Prevention System

A loss prevention system that operates with a sophisticated video surveillance component moreover, is the ideal way to ensure not only the security of your business, but also the safety and well-being of your employees and the customers.

Protect your Business with Video Surveillance

To illustrate the various improvements a video surveillance system can have on your loss prevention system, take the following five ways in which video surveillance serves to protect businesses.

  1. A video surveillance system gives you visual access to the locations and interactions which normally you would not witness unless you were present at the scene, thus giving you the ability to supervise employee behavior, POS transactions, after-hour maintenance crew performance, and the activity on loading dock areas, etc. By monitoring the activity that goes on when you are not around, you gain a valuable insight into the issues that need more attention, and which employees are in need of more training or supervision.
  2. Video surveillance also bulks up a loss prevention system by increasing the security of the parking lot areas, especially after the sun has gone down and your employees need to walk to their cars in the dark. The presence of cameras in and around the parking lot of your business will assure your customers that you are dedicated to their safety.
  3. Your loss prevention system will also be more apt at deterring criminals as well as catching them with the implementation of CCTV, since all activity will be recorded and archived in a system that makes it easy for law enforcement officials to apprehend thieves. Moreover, the presence of the video surveillance system alone is enough to deter most criminals thinking of robbing a business because they do not want to take the chance of having their faces on camera.
  4. The video surveillance system also offers your business the additional security of giving you the ability to selectively choose who comes in through your door based upon visually confirming who they are through the live video feed. This loss prevention feature is ideal for operating after-hours, or for the situation when only one employee is in the building and needs that additional security.
  5. Finally, the implementation of a comprehensive video surveillance system will better protect your business by saving you money on insurance so that you can further invest in more important things! Insurers are much more likely to grant discount premiums to the businesses which are protected with video surveillance, yet another way a smart loss prevention system is always saving you money!

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