A new age of retail surveillance

On December 17, 2013 By admin

A new age of retail surveillance has come upon us. Surveillance Cameras have improved and are smarter than ever, with capabilities to benefit both the consumer and the retailer at the same time. CalAtlantic Security and Business Management Solutions provides retail companies with the ability to keep their company safe from shoplifting and other crimes by providing retail companies with the best surveillance cameras in the market. These cameras also provide retail companies with consumer information that can help make a consumer’s shopping experience a more enjoyable one.

With this technology, cameras have a greater degree of coverage, which means that you need fewer cameras per area. The cameras can pick up far more detail than older security cameras, and even have the ability to pick up suspicious behaviors such as individuals who might be conducting themselves in shoplifting-related behavior. But more than just for security purposes, these cameras also have the ability to study consumer-shopping trends, which allows for the store to better serve consumers. For example, in a clothing store, these cameras are able to track which section of the store is visited first by the most women, thus allowing the store to move the most visited section of the store to the very front for a costumers’ convenience. Retail traffic has always been a critical component of retail success.

More than ever, retailers have a need in a world where online shopping has become more convenient, to understand traffic and their consumers in order to create a better. This benefits the shopper by allowing him or her to find what he or she may be looking for faster. CalAtlantic Security and Business Management Solutions are playing a prominent role in the retail community’s initiatives by not only assisting in loss prevention, but also assisting in public safety measuring, business performance and customer service improvement. Call us today for more information!

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