How to Prevent Car Vandalism

On August 10, 2017 By admin

According to the frequently searched topics online, the subject of “catching car thieves” and “preventing car vandalism” seems to be a popular topic. Of course we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but unless you’re working with some really hi-tech tracking systems like the stuff you see in movies, your chances of actually catching the culprits are slim to none. The grand theft auto business often doesn’t work like Gone In 60 Seconds where your car stays in one piece. Most thieves steal based on a demand for parts from auto shops, which means that most stolen cars are normally in shop being torn for parts within a couple hours after theft, or they’re rarely being parked a good distance away to check and see if it has a tracking device. If the car is still there a week or so after, they know it doesn’t have a tracker and they will just take it out on their merry way. In other words, your best bet is going to be preventing car theft instead of catching anybody.

Prevention of car damage may seem a little redundant because it brings you back to some common sense basics. Just remember that little actions go a long way, and these five things can make or break the chances of anybody messing with your vehicle.

Lock The Doors

It may seem like a pretty obvious step, but a survey by Huffington Post back in 2014 says that up to seven percent of the American population don’t lock their doors. Reasons definitely vary up to living in a safe area, or believing that there’s nothing in their car anybody would want. The truth is that locking your door adds another obstacle for criminals, and since they’re looking for the quickest way to get the job done, making the process longer for them is going to make your car safer. Also be sure to double check. Many people just click the button and assume it works, but try to open the door again just to make sure. Key fobs aren’t the most reliable technology, and technology disrupting the frequencies between the car and your fob are a current popular trend with auto thieves, so don’t forget to double check.


Hide Your Valuables

This is another step that may seem obvious, but another hard truth is that locking your doors can only help so much sometimes. If you leave your stuff out, criminals won’t have to go digging through your car to find what they want. It’s right there and it won’t take them long to smash the window, grab whatever they want and get out. Sure the car alarm may go off, but they’ll most likely be long gone by the time you make it out. So be smart and put your stuff away.

Be Mindful Of Where You Park

In this scenario you just have to put yourself in the shoes of whoever you are trying to stop. While preventing car theft is the overall goal, it’s a real pain when you find out someone has done something small and simple like keying your car or slicing your tires. If you keep your car within sight, it is almost exponentially safer. Also try to keep it in an area that is well lit.

Add To Your Investment

Cars aren’t cheap, and losing one to theft would be a real blow to your wallet. If you are worried about something happening to your vehicle, do some research and buy what looks best for your situation. Tracking devices can be a game changer, but if you feel like spending less, even a motion sensing lamp in your front yard can work wonders.

Research Your Car’s Security Features

High end cars are obviously worth more, which is quite the attraction for thieves, but most also come with some serious security bells and whistles. Features like automatically locking doors and security light systems are only a few of the many measures automobile manufacturers have taken to prevent car theft. Take some time to make sure you are utilizing all of the options your car comes with.

Most Importantly, Prioritize

We can give you all sorts of different strategies and techniques to keep your car safe like hiding your keys or garage security, but one thing to remember is that if someone is planning on stealing your car, they’re at an obvious low as far as moral standards go. It can become dangerous sometimes, and if someone comes barging in hell bent on stealing something, the car is worth much less than putting your family at risk. The least that you could do to avoid getting your car stolen is installing a decent surveillance system to either preempt car theft, or to at least catch the suspect on video for the police to act on.

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