Protecting Your Trucking Fleet

On November 11, 2018 By admin

Protecting a fixed asset is challenging because culprits can come and try to steal prized possessions anytime. That is why a reliable security system is a must for all types of this property. However, protecting a moving asset proves to be more challenging because there are more factors to consider making sure it’s safe and secured. And this is the case with trucking businesses.

Trucking business transports assets of different clients from one place to another with a guarantee that it will reach its destination in good condition. The guarantee is a risk that trucking businesses take when entering such contract. Factors like weather, traffic, cost of transportation, assault, theft, and other criminal intents are considered when dealing with a trucking business.

The Bigger Problem
Among the biggest problems for truckers is cargo theft; simply because the returns are higher compared to burglary. Instead of braving a house with 5 to 10 people, it is easier to assault a vehicle with a driver and an assistant. This problem is not only carried by the truckers and their clients but the entire supply chain. More than the cost of the cargo, these problems also branches out to business downtime, to the loss of opportunities to market and sell seasonal goods, to the total loss of product sales.

Imagine if a restaurant’s month supply of ingredients were stolen on the way; chances are, the restaurant would have to order another set, which entails cost, because it cannot afford to close down its shop for a month because that would mean bigger problems and greater loss in profit. For smaller business, it may even mean closure. For this crime alone, businesses lose an average of $10 dollars to $30 billion dollars every year. This means that average cost of goods stolen every year is around $15,000 to $3 million, handling carious goods from perishable to luxury items like cars, paintings, and jewels.

The Solution
However, technology has found a way to put the worries of truck fleet owners to rest through our very own CalAtlantic’s Fleettraxs Transportation system which gives business owners an eye to check their assets wherever it is. Fleettrax Transportation has two main components namely the Asset Tracking system and the Asset Monitoring technology.

The Asset Tracking System provides the user with a comprehensive transportation, fleet and asset management instrument that can tell you where your assets are located real-time. This solution mitigates risk and asset loss.

Asset Monitoring, on the other hand, uses the handy technology of mobile phones to monitor the user’s assets. No need for end users to open computers because they can track their assets on their mobile phones. To put it simply, their assets remain on their hands as they can see real-time where it goes.

Our system utilizes a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate for business owners, allowing them control of monitoring of their goods on the road. While the government is putting in a huge effort to curb these activities, it is still best to protect your assets from such criminal intent to avoid the losses that your company might incur should the unfortunate happen.

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