Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring Benefits

On May 3, 2016 By admin

Video surveillance has evolved from analog to digital, and now to IP. The development of video surveillance devices did not only affect the location and the capacity of the storage of videos, but also how the video surveillance system itself is monitored and controlled. Thanks to the flexible video management capability that IP video surveillance systems provide, you can view the video feeds of your cameras from anywhere in the world for as long as you have internet connection. Remote monitoring truly is a handy feature that has helped revolutionize video surveillance efforts, fit for modern security measures. Aside from allowing the user to monitor his or her video surveillance system from wherever he or she may be, remote video surveillance monitoring is packed with a couple of benefits.

  1. Remote monitoring is available on a variety of devices. Remote monitoring can be done either on a computer or smartphone which makes it so easy to check your video feeds. Accessibility is not an issue for remote video surveillance monitoring.
  1. Remote video monitoring provides great flexibility. You can choose whether you’ll opt wired or wireless connection. You can pick the connection that is best for you and your needs. The perfect remote video surveillance system awaits you, whether it be wired or wireless.
  1. You can control the camera itself through your devices. Pan, tilt and zoom commands are very common for IP cameras so it can provide you the view you need. Something’s blocking the view? Something suspicious on the corner of the video? See a clearer image by controlling the camera and focusing on the doubtful activity on the background.
  1. Multiple persons can see the video feeds. More than one person can see the videos being recorded by the IP cameras. But don’t worry, only the persons who are authorized to see your feeds can see them via secured logins. More than one person currently in different places can simultaneously monitor what’s going on, wherever they both may be.
  1. Two-way communication is possible with remote monitoring. Should it be to provide instructions or verify the identity of the person on the other side, or to startle an invader, two-way communication is a fancy feature that IP cameras can give you.
  1. Record videos even without power supply. Newer IP cameras can operate without power supply by utilizing the Ethernet. This is called Power over Ethernet.
  1. Have a copy of recordings anywhere, anytime. Not only can you see videos from wherever you are, your records are also stored in the Internet so you can view it from anywhere without needing to have a physical copy of the recording. Also, depending on your video surveillance system provider, you can have a significantly large storage capacity for your video recordings.

Remote monitoring truly is an innovation in the realms of video surveillance. With all the benefits that remote video surveillance monitoring can provide, the need to have it should not be thought twice. If you still don’t have IP cameras and remote monitoring capabilities, now is the right time to call CalAtlantic and begin to keep your eyes on your property for wherever you are on earth.


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