Make Schools Safer with New Video Surveillance Systems

On May 23, 2016 By admin

As businesses and residences alike are utilizing video surveillance to help increase security, schools should not be one to get left behind. It is a good idea to use video surveillance systems to help make schools safer for our kids

The current state of school video surveillance systems

A lot of work needs to be done when it comes to video surveillance in schools. Currently, schools (especially public schools) have little to no video surveillance systems – and those that do don’t all have dependable ones. The small percentage of schools that have security cameras mostly have obsolete systems. And what’s wrong with old systems? Aside from lacking modern features like sensors, having lower image quality, most legacy surveillance systems are analog.

Such unreliable surveillance systems are not fit to be in schools – they just can’t do the job right. Schools need much more than that – students and teachers need the protection they deserve.

The reason why schools don’t have decent surveillance systems is not the lack of knowledge that security cameras are vital in keeping a safer environment, but that they cannot find reliable yet affordable video surveillance systems.

Why invest on new video surveillance systems

Modern video surveillance systems are packed with features that are geared to address the shortcomings of legacy surveillance systems. Newer security cameras are made smarter than ever. Panning, tilting, or zooming is as easy as counting 1-2-3. Cameras now can also detect motion, and filter our irrelevant background activity.

Above all, cameras can now be monitored from wherever you are because of IP technology.

We have experienced some ill activities done at school. And we know how surveillance cameras can help deter such activities. Again, most legacy surveillance systems are analog and to get to the video recording, you will have to play it from the storage (DVR or memory card), so you’ll have to be in school to monitor it.

With IP cameras, you can view your video recordings from wherever you may be. And depending on your security camera, you might also be able to control your cameras remotely. Police themselves can monitor your security cameras and act faster than ever.

Truly, modern surveillance cameras are more than ready to help in keeping schools safe.

Get your school protected with intelligent video surveillance systems from CalAtlantic

CalAtlantic is home to high-performing smart cameras that have all the needed features to help keep your school safe. And if price is a problem, you shouldn’t worry though because CalAtlantic’s intelligent video surveillance systems are the best you can get, they are affordable.

For all the schools out there, the solution for keeping your school safe and sound is here. CalAtlantic’s line of video surveillance systems and other security tools are ready to serve you.

We at CalAtlantic hope that all schools be a safe place where kids can learn and play. Our products and services are here to help achieve that goal.  Call CalAtlantic now to learn more about how our systems can help you.

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