Securing your Home is Securing your Family

On September 30, 2018 By admin

A lot families worry about the safety of their homes when going on a long holiday or taking weeks of vacation. They worry about the letter that they might miss, the accidents that might happen, or worst the tendency of a burglar to break in to the house. These events feel like a scene in the movie but they do happen in real life. Some families get home from a vacation and find their homes entirely swept—no more TV sets, jewelries gone, vaults forced open, and many more.

So here is a step-by-step guide to make sure your homes are thief proof:

1. Check if all locks are working

This might sound like an elementary thing to do but several families actually forget that one or two of the house locks are faulty. During a planned vacation, ensure that all critical entry points of the house have a functioning lock. This is not only to ward off potential assaults but also for the owners peace of mind.

2. Check for other possible entry point

Some houses have huge windows, while others have an emergency exit leading to the basement. These are the areas that should be inspected next. House windows are huge enough to fit an individual, leave one unlatched and the thief has no need to barge in the front door. Emergency passage from the basements have very good intentions, however, if not locked properly can become an access point to the entire house. Make sure all other possible entry points have been secured properly to avoid unwanted incidents.

3. Install an anti-burglar system

While it may seem like an overkill,an anti-theft system offers an assurance that your home will be left untouched. However, choosing the right system can be tricky. There are several anti-burglar systems in the market that are sold at a very low price. However, their performance might be a little questionable. There are also those that are too pricey for its capabilities. For this job, check our anti-burglary systems. CalAtlanticis a leader in asset protection and risk management solutions. We can customize and apply state of the art technology products and services across all markets—even homes.

4. Customize your security system

Security features vary depending on the needs of the house. A bungalow home would have a different need from a two story house. Even alarm systems are dependent on the taste and need of the homeowners. The lockdown system or access system also has its own menu of functions and features. Even the close circuit televisions have different uses and specifications. Some of it even comes with an off-site monitoring so homeowners are ensured that their homes are secured and it can be supervised wherever they are, real time. With CalAtlantic, all these can be customized– control panel, alarm, sensors, and detectors. This may all seem a lot of work, but this is the best way to secure a home in the long run.

5. Make sure to activate the features

This might be a no-brainer task, but sometimes when home-owners are too excited for the vacation the most menial tasks are the ones forgotten. So, days before leaving the house, make sure to activate the security system. It is better to punch-in codes on the front door days ahead of the trip, than risk a break-in.

The importance of securing a home cannot be stressed enough. Some won’t have an anti-burglar system installed until a thief breaks in. However, leaving these incidents to chance is putting the homeowner and their family at risk, especially small children.

Be a smart home owner. Secure your home to guarantee the safety of your family.

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