Securing the future

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Securing the future
Safety and security is a race against time, technology, and criminal intent. While security technology is working double time to ensure they are ahead of malicious individuals and their dark intentions, the progress of every service provider is not of the same level. The quality of service and the advancement in equipment are the two vital components of a reliable security system. Compromise one and the entire system fails.

A lot of people think, more often than not, that highly customized and top-of-the-line security systems are only for big businesses. Little do they know that smaller and virtual spaces need it more like shops, homes, car parks, and truck fleets. That’s why here in CalAtlantic, we ensure that these properties are well supervised, monitored, and safe from all types of assault. Here’s some of the things we would love to help you with:

Home Security
One of the most neglected properties when it comes to security is the house. Homeowners often believe that their front door locks are already theft proof because of its double lock functions. However, these locks are sold by the millions in over a billion of hardware shops worldwide. The chances of these locks being picked is as high as getting a sweet apple in the grocery. That;s why we offer a service that helps solve this issue. Houses can now subscribe to live video monitoring services and installation. This is fit for parents who work but would like to check on the kids at home from time to time. Through laptops and mobile phones, parents are guaranteed that they can watch their children even if they are in the office. That is why installing an anti-burglar system and live video monitoring apparatus is highly encouraged for your homes and even shops.

Automotive Industry Solutions
Homes are the only unkempt assets. Sometimes, car fleet owners think that cars are too big to steal, especially when it is parked in a business area and has roving security. Because of this, car business owners settle for a minimum security installation. Doing this does not only put the business at risk but also the safety of employees. Installing automotive business solutions do not only secure the parameters of the showroom, but it also helps in verifying claims of customers and employees when incidents occur. It pays to get the best and not compromise with price and quality.

Getting a simple closed-circuit-television is often times not enough to handle the security requirement of businesses and households. It needs a more intelligent program that helps users strategize their safety and security precautions. This program provides the owners real data that has value to its users as it filters unnecessary information or background noise. This way, the end-user has an easier more productive experience with the package. Inteletrax, one of our products who provide this, is currently the best analytics solutions in the market that do not only record day-to-day videos but also provide, advanced event-based search of archived video data, real-time information alerts, and on-demand reports.

Logistics Industry Solutions
Are you in the Logistics business like shipped or transported goods? Travelling on land in hundreds of miles day-in-day-out makes logistics a risky businesses. They are prone to hijacking and other criminal assaults. This is why it pays to install an asset tracking and monitoring system. This technology provides the end user an access to the real-time location of the goods being travelled, the vessel, and the condition of both goods and transportation. Immediate access to the location of your asset decreases the risk of losses and therefore cuts cost significantly. As for instantaneous monitoring equipment, our FleetTraxs Solution is the first and only technology that has the side and reverse camera kits, “talking” vehicle reversing aids, and cell phone control solutions to make your business running easy as pie.

Still think you’re in a risky business? Allow us to send you some safety by investing in long-term quality products that helps you breeze through your day without a single sweat and worry.

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