Security Solutions for Your Home this Holiday

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Gifts and festivities are not the only ones that abound during the holiday season – there are lots of crooks too! Burglars know that around this time of year, families are buying presents constantly and want to take advantage of the situation.

That is why it is essential that you employ strong home security measures on your home, especially around the holiday. Of course, it is essential to keep your homes secured all year long but it is especially important to do this during the Holidays.

So that burglar won’t be able to ruin your family’s holidays, here are some tips from us at CalAtlantic:

  1. Use timers to give a sense of presence in your homes.

Burglars usually target homes where the residents are gone for the Holidays. If you are going out, make use of timers that will light your home, as well as turn on the television or the radio. Doing this will make burglars think that someone is home.

Also, don’t let your newspapers pile up on your doorstep! Letting your newspapers pile up on your doorstep is a sign that you aren’t home. Ask a neighbor to fetch these for you or talk to your provider and ask them to hold all delivery until you get back.

  1. Don’t tempt the burglars.

Do not tempt the burglars by placing your Christmas Tree, especially those with gifts under them. This will invite burglars even more. You wouldn’t want them to think that those gifts are for them, now would you?

Do not throw out empty boxes of your new appliances and devices too. They will know that you have new stuff and will have more reasons to target your home.

  1. Avoid leaving electronic proof that you are not at home.

Do not leave a message on your answering machine that you are away on vacation. Leave a usual message as if you will be able to answer in just a while. This is because some burglars call homes to check whether you are home or not.

Also, don’t publicly post on social media when you are out. This poses a risk to you and your home.

  1. Strengthen your home’s doors and windows.

We advise that you take your home security seriously by fortifying your home’s physical defense. Windows should be protected with a glass protection film, and that they should be locked shut. Doors should have a security brace that can prevent it being forced open.

  1. Install high-quality security system from CalAtlantic

As crooks evolve, so should your home’s protection. Efficiently protect your home with the promising security tools that CalAtlantic has to offer. With the right security system, you may be able to monitor your home from wherever you may be having your well-deserved holiday vacation.

CalAtlantic gives you peace of mind

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to think about your home’s safety because you placed your home’s security in the right hands?

This is possible all thanks to CalAtlantic! So get your home secured right now and take that worry-free vacation you so deserve! With CalAtlantic, burglars won’t be able to ruin your holidays!

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