Selecting the Right Surveillance for your School

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Schools used to be some of the safest places in our towns. Schools are where parents and guardians can fully entrust the well-being of their child as they work all day. Not only are schools a place of learning, schools also serve as second homes for students.

However, nowadays, schools are becoming venues of horrendous activities. Students’ well-being, even their lives, are put in danger.

It is therefore vital for schools to employ security measures to increase the level of safety that it provides to its students, teachers, and other staff.

Surveillance Systems: The Basic Security System for Schools

Above all security systems, schools should have trustworthy surveillance systems.

Surveillance systems serve as the eyes all around the campus. Teachers, cannot keep an eye on all corners of the school at all times. Not even security guards can do that. With the help of surveillance systems, you are able to monitor what is going on in the hallways, entrances, fire exits, in the cafeteria, in the gym, and anywhere else school personnel is not present.

Furthermore, schools have the opportunity to give monitoring access to local police for enhanced security. With the local law enforcement around to keep you safe, you are sure to be protected during emergencies.

With the right surveillance system, you are able to monitor what is going on within the vicinity of your school. Should there be suspicious activities, you would be aware of it so you can act on it right away!

What School Surveillance Systems should be

Much emphasis is given to the word trustworthy in saying that schools should have trustworthy surveillance systems. To keep security intact, schools should not just get any surveillance system but those that do have the ability to ensure security.

A trustworthy surveillance system should have the following:

  1. High video quality

Schools should not settle for surveillance systems that capture low-quality videos. What use would having a surveillance system be if the recording cannot be clearly viewed?

  1. Good storage capacity

Surveillance systems should be working round-the-clock. You should have decent storage for your recordings. Merely overwriting the previous day’s recording is not efficient. Consider high-capacity DVRs or NVRs. We highly recommend IP surveillance systems especially when working together with the local police department.

  1. Controlled by high-performing security systems

 Your cameras should not be working individually. It should be working on a security network that enables easy control. Some security systems are simply more efficient than others so always consider that when looking for surveillance systems.

CalAtlantic has the Trustworthy Surveillance Systems you are looking for

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