Six Indicators of Increased Smart Video Technology Adoption in the Coming Years

On October 25, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

Smart video technology is increasing in popularity due to how useful it can be in today’s digital world. Can we expect more systems to adopt this technology in the near future?

According to a Markets & Markets Report, the global video surveillance market is expected to increase in value to as high as $74.6 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 10.4%. A boom in smart cities coupled with the always-rising need for safety requirements has driven the demand for a technologically-advanced security market.

Even with the current pandemic, it’s safe to assume the smart video technology will increase in usage as near as next year. Here are six indicators that the security market has no choice but to adopt better technology and incorporate it into their systems soon:

1. Demand for Smarter, Safer Cities

The rise in smart cities directly affects the demand for smarter security systems. India’s burgeoning growth in smart cities isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, as the country is expected to have at least 155 tier-I cities, 104 tier-II cities, and 331 tier-III and IV cities by 2030. For security technology to be accepted as capable of protecting such cities, the application of advanced video tech solutions is all but guaranteed.

The central government is more than willing to fund projects that utilize top-of-the-line video technology to secure women’s safety, among others. There will be cameras installed almost everywhere – on intersections and highways, in buses and other public transport, and other public and critical areas that could do good with extra monitoring.

Centralized control rooms will be assigned to each camera cluster to focus on live streaming, GPS tracking, and using other advanced features to maximize the data from the camera feeds.

2. Demand for Industry-specific Solutions

The demand for specific video technology solutions is increasing across several industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, among others. Being able to utilize IP-based cameras and open platform virtual memory systems for particular industry-relevant practices is quite promising as it can add several layers of advantages to further improve various sectors.

For instance, in the healthcare sector, theft is still prevalent. Expensive drugs and medical equipment are often targeted for quick cash, and the addition of advanced video surveillance strategies can significantly curb, if not eliminate these crimes.

The same goes for manufacturing – since automated technology has been used to replace manual labor for menial tasks, installing IP cameras that can detect motion (or lack of it) can quickly identify any equipment stoppage to prevent further problems. Finally, retail outlets can also maximize video technology for improved point of sale integration and stock verification, considerably improving efficiency.

3. Demand for Cloud-based Video Surveillance Solutions

Cloud-based video solutions are also increasing in demand due to their security potential, flexibility, relatively low costs, and overall efficiency. The use of video as a service (VSaaS) allows security operations to be hosted in the cloud so that users can access the IP cameras and IoT connections from anywhere, providing the users with maximum flexibility in working security.

Since you can do tasks like CCTV monitoring and alarm detection at home, there’s no need to spend company funds on installing on-site servers and systems anymore. A cloud-based security system also eliminates the need for manually-stationed personnel, lessening business expenses further.

4. Open Platform Software Adoption

The adoption of IP-based surveillance systems will likely increase year to year now that more and more businesses are learning of its advantages while understanding that the costs of these systems are also becoming more affordable.

IP cameras can utilize IoT devices for more functions aside from security. For example, IP cameras can tap into AI technology to provide business intelligence, boost operational efficiency, and develop real-time assistance through interconnected systems. IP cameras can work with a wide array of technological products, from IoT devices to smart machines, allowing interested businesses to have flexibility in choosing a specific platform to integrate the security software into.

5. The Need to Increase Cybersecurity

In the same way that cameras are being used for more applications by connecting them to more systems, cybersecurity issues are also set to rise because of the added windows for vulnerability. Connecting video cameras to IoT systems give businesses a wider range of services to use, but it also makes them more susceptible to hackers who wish to gain access to those cameras and sell relevant information to third-party sources.

Businesses should learn about the possibilities of cybercrime so that increased awareness can help them develop sophisticated security solutions for new problems that may occur.

For instance, a newly-installed security system should have a high level of encryption for user access, physical separation of camera and customer information databases, and vulnerability detection systems in place to ensure that the video solutions are secure.

6. Video Solutions and Smart Search

For those unaware, Smart Search is a new and advanced feature based on motion detection technology that helps users review videos in large quantities and file sizes. By adding pre-described settings, users can utilize Smart Search to look for specific activities in an instant instead of having to watch through hours of surveillance tapes manually.

Combining advanced video solutions with smart search technology can significantly help businesses improve security reviews by doing it in much less time and with higher accuracy.

A Final Word on Smart Video Technology

Smart video technology is undoubtedly the future of security solutions. Currently, it is more in demand in smart cities, but it’s showing exponential growth and it’s highly likely it penetrates other markets soon especially with how useful it can be across industries.

Keeping up to date with the best security systems is essential for every business. If you wish to integrate smart video technology into your company’s current systems, CalAtlantic, Inc. is one of the leaders in security solutions and can unquestionably assist you with all your security-related concerns.

(Source: Dataquest)

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