Protect Your Business with Smart Video Surveillance Systems

On April 15, 2015 By admin

No matter the location, size, or clientele or your business operation, a video surveillance system is the ideal way to ensure its protection, the safety of your employees, as well as your own peace of mind.

Video Surveillance Systems Provide Visual Access

The problems and risks associated with not having constant visual access to your business are numerous and it is unrealistic to assume you as the business owner or the management staff can maintain such supervision.

Since you cannot always be present at the location of your business, the next best think you can do to protect your investment and the general safety of your employees and customers is to equip your business with a video surveillance system. A video surveillance system can essentially function as the ‘eyes in the back of your head’ by capturing all transactions, employee behaviors, and potential theft, all on camera.

The Benefits of Installing a Video Surveillance System

There are a variety of ways in which a video surveillance system enhances the protection of your business and the viability of your investment. Consider the following reasons why your business will benefit by investing in a video surveillance system from CalAtlantic:

  • Stock rooms and other supply storage areas can be inconspicuously pilfered from and eventually cost your business unnecessary loss. By simply equipping these rooms with cameras, such employee misconduct can be deterred because supply theft will no longer continue without consequence.
  • Similarly, cameras installed in typically out-of-sight areas like back alleys and rear entrances will allow you to supervise activity that would normally go unnoticed.
  • Another way a video surveillance system protects employees and customers alike is by monitoring the safety of parking areas, which can be especially dangerous after-business hours. If any criminal activity does take place, it can be essential to capture images of cars entering and leaving the parking lot.
  • One of the more obvious ways video surveillance ensures the financial protection of your business is by monitoring point of sale transactions, making sure employees and customers alike realize that all their activity at the registers will be recorded.
  • Likewise, robberies will also be deterred by video surveillance systems because criminals are far less likely to attempt a robbery once they see that their every move has been recorded since pulling into the parking lot.
  • On the other hand, businesses also suffer losses as a result of employee misconduct and time theft and by monitoring the behavior of your employees while you are not there, you can learn their true work ethic and respond accordingly. Likewise, after-hours staff and cleaning and maintenance crews can also be supervised by implementing a video surveillance system, making sure all employees at all hours are doing their jobs efficiently.
  • Similar to the potential for theft in stock and supply rooms, the loading docks located at the rear of your business represent another potential for theft and such risk can be reduced greatly by investing in a video surveillance system.
  • While financial loss is detrimental to your business, the asset in greatest need of protection is the safety of the individuals working within the operation. Moreover, when a worker feels comfortable and well-protected in their environment then they are more likely to be a happy and productive employee. Therefore, one way to accomplish such assurance is by utilizing a video surveillance system capable of screening in all those who enter the building through a locked door.
    Your business is especially vulnerable after hours or during situations when very few people are staffed and that is why is it paramount to take all precautions into consideration by allowing the employee him or herself to decide in these situations if they feel safe enough to allow an individual inside.

Finally, a video surveillance system is a smart business investment because insurance companies reward bushiness owners who take preventive steps to avoid losses and one the best ways to accomplish this is by equipping your business with this kind of protection.

CalAtlantic Video Surveillance and Alarm Monitoring company can provide all the necessary video surveillance equipment you need, and more. With its intelligent video surveillance systems, you can never go wrong with investing on CalAtlantic’s asset protection equipment. Give us a call right now and we’ll help you protect you and your business, smarter and wiser.

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