Step-by-Step Guide in Securing Your Home

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Step-by-Step Guide in Securing Your Home
To protect our money, we put it in a bank; to protect our health, we visit hospitals. But how do we protect ourselves and our homes against the criminal intent of a thief? Here is a step by step guide we’ve put together so you’re sure you can secure your house:

1. Make sure that all doors have functional locks
We make it a habit to lock the doors at night, only to find them unlocked in the morning. Sometimes, we blame our dogs or cats, but fail to realize that the locks may already be broken. The first step to securing your home is making sure that all locks and access at home are working and functional. Having a broken lock at home is easily inviting for thieves at night.

2. Light the parameters of your home
Burglars like the dark because they can blend with the bushes, the trees, and the shadows. By having a well-lit lawn or garage, burglars may be discouraged because the chances of getting caught are higher. No need to install huge fog lamps or lamp posts. Light bulbs that cover a considerable amount of space are enough to scare the burglars away.

3. Install alarms
One more thing that thieves do not appreciate is an anti-burglar system that makes loud noises like sirens. Often times, the sirens do not only alert the homeowners but also the neighboring homes. This means, a total revelation of his identity and for sure, jail time.

Here in CalAtlantic, we provide a comprehensive anti-theft system which includes video surveillance, perimeter sensors on doors and windows, interior motion sensors, glass breakage sensors, panic buttons in appointed areas and vault and safe systems.These services can be customized depending on the requirements of the house and the family.

4. Keep valuables away from sight
Make sure that your vault is not something that people from the streets can see. While others are not planning to rob you of your property, it actually serves an invitation to an evil thought.
Those being said, keep your valuables to a place where it is not easily accessible for outsiders to find.

5. Check for other possible entry points
Are my neighbor’s walls too low? Can it be used as leverage for the thieves to get inside my house? Are the roof shingles of my neighbor helping the burglars get a great view of my room?
Check the surroundings of the house, make sure that the safety features of your neighbors will not be a liability to your home.

6. Double the windows
Windows are usually opened to help ventilate the house or to improve the air circulation in the room. However, a window that is left unattended can invite unwanted visitors and unpleasant incidents. To avoid accidents, make sure to lock the widows. If the weather is a bit too hot, you may also install a double screen so you can keep your windows open and still protect your home against burglars.

7. Re-rearrange your routines
Sometime, burglars scout their victims for a few days, just enough time to know when they leave and arrive back home. To ensure the safety of your house, try changing your routines every now and then, so unsuspecting burglars will not be able to find a pattern in your schedule.

These are only few of the things you have to keep in mind to be sure your property and family is safe against the criminal intent from outsiders. Should you wish to read more about home security, check on our blog page and find out what are your options when it comes to securing your house.

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