Surveillance Cameras: Helping Catch Thieves On The Act

On May 30, 2016 By admin

When talking about security systems, surveillance cameras are never forgotten. Surveillance cameras are considered fundamental tools for safety and security. And this is for a reason – surveillance cameras prove to be effective in deterring and catching evildoers.

In this article, we would like to share recent news stories of how surveillance cameras are helping in catching thieves by giving leads to the appearance of the criminal, and how the crime was done.

Surveillance Camera catches Tire thieves

In Windcrest, Texas, a neighbor’s security camera captures thieves who jacked up and took the wheels off the car of Gregory Turner. The video recording shows how the thieves only needed ten minutes to remove the tires and rims of his car. Authorities are now on the lookout for the thieves. And being all over the news, these crooks won’t be able to make any wrong moves, because if they do, they are more than likely to be caught.

Mail Thief caught on Camera

In Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, a thief who ransacked a package from a mailbox was caught on his wrong doing and his video was viewed by the homeowner, Joey Latham.  This is not the first time that a mail thief was caught on camera. Residents in the area say that mail theft is quite common, but has to stop. Joey hopes that the video can help police in catching the criminal.

Car Theft recorded on Security Camera

A car theft on New Castle, Delaware was caught by the security camera of the owner. As the video clearly captured the felony, the video can help the authorities in looking for the criminal, and can also alert others.

Caught on Tape: Trespasser and Would-be Thief

Home surveillance camera catches a trespasser on the carport of Mark Thompkins’s residence in Bon Air, Vancouver. Although nothing was taken, it is still scary that someone was eyeing the property. Mark is now increasing the number of cameras he has in his home and urging his neighbors to do the same to keep their community safe.


The above stories are true events, and can also happen to you. That is why it is so important that you also have surveillance cameras in your arsenal to help keep you safe and secured. Security cameras can deter thieves, as well as catch them to eventually put them behind bars. The crimes above would be so much harder without the recordings that gave hints as to how the crime was done, and who did it. With such recordings, it will be easier for the police to look for the criminals, and putting a stop on their evil acts.

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