Surveillance System Maintenance and Service

On March 8, 2016 By admin

The comprehensive security and management system of your business requires a compatible and consistent system maintenance plan in order to keep all services functioning at their optimum potential. Not only does CalAtlantic provide you with an exceptional security management and asset protection system, we also facilitate the system maintenance and service of all our business solutions. Through a preventative maintenance inspection, our professional support and service technicians can guarantee the continued success of the surveillance and security system protecting your business operation. As the risk for loss and theft continues to increase every year, it is vital to have a security system that can stay ahead of the curve, and that is why CalAtlantic’s comprehensive system maintenance routine will cover all of the fundamentals, as well as the fine details. Some of the services included with our system maintenance include:

  1. Testing of the control panel in order to gauge the efficiency of sirens and alarms
  2. Inspecting of the real time surveillance systems
  3. Examining the effectiveness of the response for all alarm detection systems
  4. Inspecting of the power supply for any malfunctions or potential problems
  5. Examination of the alarm device itself for issues
  6. A comprehensive implementation of all recent updates to the hardware or software of the security system
  7. A routine inspection of all compliance standards in order to check that all local, state, and federal standards are being observed with the way your business surveillance operates

In order to mitigate risk as much as possible, it is essential to have a regular system maintenance check performed by the experienced technicians at CalAtlantic so as to keep the business security management aspect of your enterprise running smoothly. Because when it comes to protecting your assets and managing security risks, a comprehensive approach needs a comprehensive system maintenance plan to get the job done every time.

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