Maintain Your Surveillance Systems For Maximum Security

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A trusty surveillance system is one of the best tools you can have to protect your business, so keeping it at its prime is a must in order to keep you safe and sound. You can see from news how surveillance systems play a crucial part in maintaining security, and solving crimes so truly, surveillance systems are very important for your business.

An ill-maintained surveillance system can cause so much trouble in times when you need the recordings most. For example, your office just got infiltrated and you lost something important. With a surveillance system installed, you are confident that you can solve this mystery case in an instant but you are surprised with a camera that has not been recording for quite some time now. You would not want this to happen so surveillance system maintenance should be taken very seriously. You want to keep your business safe not only for quite some time after installation but every time thereafter so keep your surveillance systems in their primes.

What To Check On Your Surveillance Systems

The key part of a surveillance system is the camera. It must be considered a priority when choosing a surveillance system, and of course, in maintenance plans as well. To keep the cameras working in top shape, check the following:

  1. Clarity of Image Captured

Check if the image captured by the camera is clear enough to recognize important details such as the faces of people. Make sure that it is focused enough to capture both near and far objects.

Cleaning the lens may be a good idea.

  1. Camera’s Direction

Is your camera still facing the area you want it to face? Maybe it has been pushed to look elsewhere so ensure that it can still provide security for the areas you want to guard.

Repositioning your cameras to where you want to focus on.

  1. Video Storage

Storage allows you to check previous recordings. Live feeds are okay but in order to check what happened, for example, before a fire started or before your vault had been seen opened, then recordings of earlier time is needed.

First of all, make sure that your cameras are recording and the recordings are stored. This is the most important thing.

If you still have analog cameras, ensure that the memory cards offer quite a decent size as to see events for a considerable amount of time. Also make sure that the overwriting function still works. And most of all, ensure that the memory card is installed. Memory cards can be stolen to prevent being caught. Also ensure that the camera is storing recordings in playable video format. Copy the content and then free up the memory card. You may also want to replace the card after some time.

If you are using DVR then make sure that it is connected to your cameras and that you can play the video recordings.

If you are using IP cameras then ensure that your cameras have internet connection (whether wired or wireless) and ensure that your digital space is enough to store new recordings.

  1. Environment

Your cameras may be working perfectly but the environment where it is installed may be providing hindrances to its view. Check that the camera is not blocked and that there is ample lighting (especially for cameras without night view features).

Professional Maintenance by CalAtlantic

For a thorough maintenance of your video surveillance systems, you may want to seek professional help from experienced security providers such as CalAtlantic. We will make sure that your surveillance systems are working perfectly and that they will be able to perform at their maximum.

For more information on surveillance system maintenance, call CalAtlantic and we will help you be protected and stay that way.

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