The Advantages of Anti-theft Surveillance Security

On September 10, 2017 By admin

We’ve all read the headlines and seen the stories of vulnerable homes and businesses being broken into and stolen from, only to find out later that there was zero surveillance or security put in place to ever stop it from happening. So the question to ask yourself then as a business owner is, why would I put my business, employees, and profits in jeopardy when I can easily and efficiently protect them with an anti-theft surveillance security system?

CalAtlantic takes anti-theft measures very seriously and that’s why we offer business owners like you state-of-the-art security technology to protect your business and all the people who make it possible, every hour of the day and night.

The following features can all be implemented into an anti-theft surveillance system for your business:

-Video Surveillance
-Perimeter sensors on doors and windows -Interior motion sensors
-Glass breakage sensors
-Panic buttons in designated areas
-Vault and safe systems

To get a better idea of how these features can help protect and secure your establishment, let’s take a closer look at what some of these features are capable of:

• Video Surveillance: A video surveillance system gives you visual access to the locations and interactions which normally you would not witness unless you were present at the scene, thus giving you the ability to not only supervise employee behavior, POS transactions, and after-hour maintenance crew performance, but also all the activity which takes place when you aren’t on the premises. And once that activity is recorded, you dramatically improve the odds of catching the thief should a break-in occur.

• Perimeter sensors for points of entry: CalAtlantic surveillance systems also give you the ability to detect movement at all possible entry ways into your business, namely the windows and doors of your establishment. Perimeter sensors thus act as a surveillance tool because they alert you to any movement during a designated period, and they act as a security tool by deterring criminal activity by alerting the potential thief that their presence has been detected.

• Interior motion sensors and alerting capabilities: Similar to how a motion detecting light works on your driveway for example, the security interior motion sensors from CalAtlantic work by turning on at the immediate detection of movement. What’s more important though is that CalAtlantic security technology takes it one step further by notifying you and local authorities when there is movement inside your store when there shouldn’t be, thus giving you the extra protection your business needs to stay secure at all hours of the day.

CalAtlantic’s anti-theft surveillance security tools are designed to detect a threat as it happens in real time while alerting the proper authorities, all before you might even realize that something was ever wrong in the first place. Consider all the potential threats that go unseen by the human eye, and how a constant video monitoring and surveilling your business has the potential to do something about it! So don’t wait till it’s too late and your business is the next unfortunate headline in the newspaper-invest in a CalAtlantic surveillance system today!

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