The Benefits of Burglar Alarm Monitoring and Security Camera to Your Business

On May 10, 2021 By Team CalAtlantic

Studies have shown that the use of burglar alarm monitoring and security camera deter break-ins and other crimes. In fact, one report involving ex-convicts revealed that 90% said they would not target a place with a video surveillance camera. 














Aside from crime deterrent, burglar alarm monitoring and camera can also help solve criminal cases and possibly recoup losses. 


Other benefits of anti-burglary and security system: 


  1. Lower Insurance Cost 

Some insurance providers offer discounts if you have surveillance cameras installed, as it demonstrates that you are reducing the risk of break-ins, theft, and property damage. 

In general, insurers think that cameras and alarm systems result in fewer claims, which they interpret as good business. But from a policyholder’s standpoint, it also makes sense to install surveillance cameras to protect himself from frivolous lawsuits and false liability claims. 


  1. Employee Theft Deterrent 

A report conducted by Statistic Brain showed that US businesses lose around $50 billion annually due to employee theft, while a US Chamber of Commerce survey revealed that about 75% of workers commit pilferage and embezzlement. 

While employee theft affects both large companies and small and medium enterprises, SMEs bear most of the cost, according to Statistic Brain report which shows the most “expensive” types of work-related theft are vendor fraud (e.g., employees manipulate accounts payable), payroll theft, and fund theft (e.g., stealing information, checks, and merchandise).


  1. Frivolous Lawsuit Deterrent 

A security camera system may prevent frivolous lawsuits and false liability claims, e.g., a disgruntled employee files a slip-and-fall injury against your company as part of his retaliation after the HR department suspended him for misconduct. 

You can also protect your business from false harassment and discrimination claims with a security camera system provided that it comes with the high video quality. 


  1. Safer Workplace

Burglar alarm monitoring and security cameras can deter vandalism, fire, flood, physical fights, break-ins, and other criminal activities in your workplace. 


  1. Increased work productivity 

Video surveillance can help you monitor employee performance and investigate illegal conduct. But make sure that you only use security cameras justified by a reasonable and legitimate business purpose, and you comply with the federal and state wiretap and recording laws. 


Other Things to Keep in Mind

In the past, video surveillance systems were mostly analog cameras, but with the advent of the internet, they are now being phased out by Internet protocol (IP) cameras with more features and capabilities that include video analytics and automatic alerts. 

Some IP security cameras have more sophisticated features than others. For instance, some models are specifically designed for night monitoring, while others have smart motion detection technology. 

When choosing a video surveillance system, consider the camera’s location. For example, you will need a durable waterproof camera if you have to keep an eye on your open parking lot. 

If the inherent nature of your business makes it susceptible to security breaches, pilferage, and other activities that can compromise your profitability, contact CalAtlantic, which is a leading security management expert serving hundreds of clients from more than 30 states. 


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