The Benefits of Live Remote Video Monitoring

On May 8, 2017 By admin

CalAtlantic has a great remote video monitoring service that you can check out here. One main benefit of having a live remote video monitoring service is that it eliminates the need for on-site security guards. On-site security guards can be an added expense and an added headache to have to deal with. It’s just another employee that you have to manage, pay and insure, and that can hurt your bottom line.

Some benefits to having CalAtlantic’s live remote video monitoring system are: 

Remotely controlling access doors: Our sophisticated door access control systems can track your employees’ and visitors’ movements as they enter and leave the building. This can make it a lot easier if there is a discrepancy with payroll, onsite theft or damage, or any other activity where you needed to know who was where and when. As employees come and go, there will no longer be keys to turn in or locks needing to be changed which in the long run can save you money. In an emergency situation it’s also beneficial to be able to know exactly which employees, or visitors, are on the grounds so they can all be accounted for. Or in the case of a lock-down situation the remote access allows you to grant and deny remote access to whomever you want.

Accepting and monitoring after-hour deliveries: What a benefit this is to not have to go to your place of business at a late hour, or have an employee be there when an after-hour delivery is being made. In the even that an employee is there after-hours, you can monitor the delivery to make sure that everything goes smooth and that your employee was safe during the delivery.

Supervising janitorial: Most janitorial work is done after-hours and having a surveillance set up can give you the peace of mind that your business is not being tampered with, vandalized or mistreated while you are not there. It’s also a way to keep your janitorial service honest. If you are being charged for services that are not being done, you have the record on your side in a dispute.

Other vendor activity: Vendors are usually not your employees, so having a surveillance video to watch over your business when vendors are onsite is a definite benefit. Having a recording on file of vendor activity can help if a claim is made, or if you have a complaint against vendor activity at your place of business. It’s no longer a their word against mine world! This can also help protect your employees while non-employees are on the grounds. You want your employees to feel safe and this is just another way to make them feel take care of at their place of business.

Another service CalAtlantic offers is that their remote surveillance equipment detects attempts at petty crime such as theft and vandalism before they take place and disrupt your operations. If activity is detected, they contact local authorities and coordinate with your operations manager to deal with the situation.

With all the benefits that Live remote video monitoring can bring to your business, it’s definitely something to give CalAtlantic a call about so your company can start feeling safe and secure.

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