The Importance of Video Surveillance in Car Dealerships

On September 18, 2020 By Team CalAtlantic

Your car dealership business needs “eyes” — full disclosure, enhanced verification, regulation compliance check, and so much more in real-time. 

Car dealerships almost always occupy a massive space, and several things may happen all at once. There are vehicles for sale inside and outside the building; transactions are finalized in a different area; customer service for handling complaints happens in a separate location; several vehicles may come for servicing in the service bay; and so on. 

The main importance of auto dealership security systems is a given: security and safety. But the latest video surveillance monitoring products and security services offer added benefits that — once you understand how they can help you — prove priceless and worth the investment (and the peace you get from having them is immeasurable). 

Why is video surveillance important in car dealerships? 

Auto dealership security systems have gone beyond merely allowing owners to monitor employees or preventing the theft of car parts. They also: 

  1. Help verify the condition of every vehicle that enters the service bay, in case a customer decides to make false claims;
  2. Alert the owner through SMS or email in case movement that is not supposed to happen in the car dealership is taking place; 
  3. Access to any camera at any time of the day from anywhere and see what is happening as it unfolds; 
  4. Keep you safe by letting you stay at a safe location while you call the police to visit your car dealership; 
  5. Give you total control of your facility and employees. 

If a car dealership has a high volume of inventory, it means this inventory also has a high value. These are the main points of concern. Those are thousands (if not millions) worth of assets that you need to sell for the business to survive. 

Other areas of concern are: 

  1. Monitoring deliveries 
  2. Monitoring productivity of employees, including mechanics 
  3. Monitoring how the sales staff treat the customers 
  4. Monitoring the time clock 
  5. Monitoring the key storage for all vehicles 
  6. Monitoring if people are where they are supposed to me 
  7. Monitoring possible vandals  
  8. Monitoring the servicing of vehicles 
  9. Monitoring the storage of tools 
  10.  Monitoring the basis of employee compensation claims 

Imagine needing to cover all these and more all simultaneously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You need reliable car dealership security systems that can dramatically improve the safety of your auto dealership and streamline the way you protect your car dealership from security-related threats. 

The best security solutions for auto dealerships 

CalAtlantic’s automotive business solutions include artificial intelligence and advanced formulas to filter out all unnecessary information. They offer six kinds of dealership security systems that can provide different security solutions for various concerns.  

If you want peace of mind, business growth, happy customers, and productive employees, choose any (or all!) of the following from CalAtlantic: 

  • Real-time intelligence: InteleTraxs 
    • Turns static cameras into intelligent tools, helping you better secure your assets and produce valuable management support  
    • Based on artificial intelligence, offering a quantum leap over traditional video motion detection sensors 
    • Sophisticated mathematical algorithms filter out irrelevant background activity and deliver only relevant alarm information 
  • Omnipresent all the time: DealTraxs 
    • Safe, secured, and authorized-only access to view and hear live or even archived transactions with their clients 
    • On-demand access to each equipped F&I office on one site, or even on multiple locations, simultaneously 
    • Live transaction video surveillance services give you the ability to know exactly what was said and agreed to 
  • Validate claims with ease: ServiceTraxs 
    • Assists you in determining if your customer has a valid claim or not 
    • Allows you to find the answer fast and easy with visual and audio verification 
    • See everything from a crack in the windshield to a missing hubcap. 
  • No grand theft: AutoTraxs 
    • Insurance rates increase as more cars are stolen, causing you to pay higher prices 
    • Violent crimes are often committed using stolen vehicles. A criminal has more anonymity in a vehicle that cannot be traced to their name. 
    • Identity theft is another possible outcome of auto theft. If the thief finds any identification, it is then possible for them to commit a follow-up crime. 
  • No keys: KetyTraxs 
    • CalAtlantic’s intelligent keyless security system, ready to protect your cars and other vehicles 
    • Provides high-standard security to your garage, gates, and other entry points for your automotive 
    • Lost key? No problem! You will not need to re-key your facility and you will never compromise security. 
  • Illuminate: LumiTraxs  
    • Combines CalAtlantic’s Intelligent Business Security Solutions with smart, low-cost, energy-efficient lighting 
    • Each light is networkable for easy programming, monitoring, and control 
    • Can be combined with CalAtlantic’s InteleTraxs and FleetTraxs Solutions to create the most comprehensive solution for your facility 

If you already have a lighting system in your car dealership and you decide to switch to LumiTraxs, there will be no need to re-engineer your lighting plan; CalAtlantic can work with what you already have. While power costs continue to go up, LumiTraxs helps keep them down. 

There is no cost to your peace of mind, especially where protecting your car dealership business is concerned. It is a sad fact that not all people are good, and some of those not-so-good people may find their way into your car dealership or, worse, your payroll.  

It truly is better to be safe than sorry. And where the human body has its limits on being everywhere and seeing everything all the time in your car dealership anywhere in the world you may be, with CalAtlantics automotive business solutions, your safety and security will know no limits. 

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