Video Surveillance, Analytics, and Monitoring (InteleTraxs) Solutions for Retail

On December 10, 2019 By Team CalAtlantic

Video Surveillance, Analytics, and Monitoring Solutions have become an essential tool for any retail business. What started as an instrument for security and protection among retailers has become something more valuable over the years. Nowadays, Video Surveillance, Analytics, and Monitoring Solutions (Inteletraxs) Solutions carry more than one function.  

Let us find out what they are. 

Real-time monitoring 

These technological advances were initially used to protect retailers from incidents such as burglary, theft/shoplifting. But as the competition among businesses grew, retailers have successfully re-purpose this tool to be a means to grow their business. With real-time monitoring, companies can now analyze customer behavior in real-time. “Are they spending more time in this particular area?” Better assign a customer representative there! “Is someone confused over this PC model and another?” Let a tech assistant be of help.  

Better customer experience 

Retailers that have an in-depth idea about customer behavior can give a better buying experience. By using analytics, they can find out whether customers have an easy time navigating through the store, or whether the products are placed in the most effective way possible. It can also give the retailer an idea if the store’s floor area is enough, or the traffic flow is efficient. Historical and real-time data collection and analysis can help the business owner in making tough decisions when it comes to improving customer experience.  

Optimizing promotion 

By understanding customer behavior through Video Surveillance, Analytics, and Monitoring Solutions (Inteletraxs) Solutions, retailers can optimize promotions. Displays and engagement materials can be placed where they will be seen the most. After all, everything is about “location, location, location!” It will save the retailer a lot of money in the long run. Instead of printing out dozens or hundreds of posters, they only need to produce for those areas where the materials will elicit the most reaction.  

Identifying the market  

You might think that your product is meant to cater to a demographic, but you might be wrong. With the use of more advanced surveillance technology, you have the power to identify what your market is precisely at any given point. That way, you can tailor your business processes in service to that particular demographic. You need not spend thousands making advertisements that target everyone! You can focus and maximize your effort in the right direction.   

CalAtlantic can do all of these for you and your business. Our world-class InteleTraxs video analytics and surveillance solution is a family of intelligent video engines that ensures security and provides business intelligence applications. It is highly accurate as it was developed by scientists leading in the technology. The system features an ability to detect irrelevant activity and data. It is user-friendly. Retailers may use their PC to access the system. It is easy to maintain and has minimal costs.  

Now is the time to invest in the growth of your business! Be at the top of your industry by devoting your capital to systems that work for you! Invest in InteleTraxs Solutions and experience the difference! 


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