Video Surveillance for Car Dealerships

On November 12, 2014 By admin

Car dealerships are the best places for video surveillance because of the valuable merchandise and because it is prone to theft. A car dealership has hundreds of cars varying in year, make and model that can cost up to a few thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Without a video surveillance system, you could be leaving your place of business at the mercy of criminals.

Just like retail stores, the dollar is the bottom line for auto dealerships. Protecting your inventory and the potential profit is the most important part of sales and with expensive inventory, video surveillance systems becomes essential. Video surveillance cameras placed around the parking lots can help prevent thieves from taking cars and can help identify of the criminals.

A video surveillance system can also help you track your customers’ habits, especially when it comes to correlating data between which cars your customers look at and which they decide to buy. This type of information can be very valuable to your marketing department, for inventory and for your sales staff. CalAtlantic video surveillance systems have the ability to help you do this, and our systems can also help you count and track your customers as they move around your place of business.

Video surveillance systems also help you by keeping your staff and customers protected. With modern security cameras, the staff becomes more flexible in their duties with features such as video alerts and mobile viewing. Instead of sitting in front of a monitor all day, your security staff and do other more important tasks.

Keeping track of your employees is also important and a video surveillance system can help you improve productivity. Being able to supervise your employees from a distance to make sure they are doing their job correctly is essential in this type of business. Video surveillance cameras can also help you alert your team to a potential new customer and new sale.

Of course, one should not become completely reliant on your video surveillance systems. While this may be an effective security solution for an auto dealership, it shouldn’t be used as the sole security option. A video surveillance system should work to enhance an already existing security system like car alarms or security guards.

If you are considering a video surveillance system to protect your car dealership, CalAtlantic is the best choice. We have products that will fit your specific needs and help you keep your merchandise safe from criminals. CalAtlantic has everything you need in order to keep your place of business safe from unwanted events!

When looking for the appropriate video surveillance system, consider the number of thefts you have had in the past year, consider the most vulnerable parts of your dealership, if you’ve ever experienced problems with organized car theft rings and the current security system you have in place. All of these should help you determine the type of security system that will fit your place of business and that will meet all your security needs.

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