Holiday Season Calls For Tighter Security

On December 28, 2015 By admin

This 2015 Holiday Season has flown by and will shortly be ending with the arrival of the New Year. During this time, kids are on breaks from school, people visit their families, but don’t be so hasty – thieves are definitely not on a break. Actually, they might just take this opportunity to do their evil deeds as most families go on vacation during this time of the year.

Just like in the movie series “Home Alone”, thieves know that most homes and establishments are left unguarded during the holidays. Despite this, we must not let our homes or our businesses be compromised. We must tighten our security to ensure that even without us our properties remain safe.

Holiday Video Surveillance Tips

Here are some tips on how to keep your homes or businesses safe throughout the holidays, brought to you by your number one partner in security, CalAtlantic:

  1. For houses, and other residential property

The Holidays mean vacation time for a lot of American families. Houses are usually left empty. You will need to keep your personal property safe like your jewelry, appliances, private documents, and other important stuff from being taken by thieves. Don’t forget about your car! You will need a surveillance system that is capable of protecting all your belongings thieves would be happy to steal.

For homes, we recommend video surveillance, as well as smart lighting, to keep thieves out of your property. Video surveillance systems, if visible, can ward off wrongdoers who are smart enough to not pursue as to not get caught, and would record unsuspecting (or the unreasonably bold or oblivious) ones. Crooks don’t want to get caught and avoid monitored homes as much as possible. The InteleTraxs is the best video surveillance for the job.

Smart lighting can also help. Sensors that detect presence would startle the criminals and may run off for they really hate lighted areas – this exposes them and increases the risk of being caught. The LumiTraxs is the right intelligent lighting for you.

  1. For businesses and commercial establishments

For offices, stores, malls, and other businesses and commercial establishments, you would also need to make sure that you are guarded through the holiday season. The season also calls for a work break so a lot of offices and business are left unguarded for a few days, leaving offices a target for thieves. Again, video surveillance is really critical to ward off, or to catch perpetrators. You can check out how InteleTraxs help keep business safe throughout the year.

Smart lighting is also beneficial. Not only does it surprise the thieves, but it also helps keep your light from being on when not needed. During the holidays, no one is there to turn on or turn off the lights, LumiTraxs can help out!

Malls that have parking lots must also keep auto theft prevention in mind.

Thieves target your customers’ vehicles and the things they have inside. Make sure that you combine high quality security measures for effective auto theft protection in your plans to keep your customers safe this season.

Meanwhile, you can further fortify your businesses by ensuring that you have clever doors and gates with the KeyTraxs. This will ensure that your office will really be off limits to outsiders.

Let CalAtlantic keep you safe this Holiday Season

CalAtlantic is your number one resource for intelligent security systems. Trust us to keep your homes and your business safe. Call us now and we’ll make sure that you’re worry-free in your vacation and all year-round.

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