Why CalAtlantic can Help you with Remote Security Systems

On January 31, 2018 By admin

Imagine you are enjoying a relaxing vacation on a tropical beach. All you can hear are the gentle waves crashing upon the sand and receding just as quickly as they approached. Your skin is soaking up vitamin D from the powerful sun while you sip an ice cold beverage. Any worries about work, traffic, school, schedules has just about all melted away, when all of a sudden you are interrupted by a haunting phone call. Someone broke into your home.

Protection is priceless because there is a lot more than the value of the items inside your home worth protecting. Peace of mind, feeling of safety upon return, sentimental value; recovering these things can take an extremely long time and they certainly cannot be purchased with an insurance claim check. This is why investing in protection is essential and there has never been a greater abundance of quality security & surveillance options.


On January 18, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one family was extremely grateful for their decision to invest in remote home surveillance. While the residents were away on vacation, this Philadelphia home was being monitored by a remote surveillance system, much to the dismay of two individuals who were plotting a burglary. The individual monitoring the property called the police right away and reported a suspicious woman at the back of the house, searching for keys and trying to open doors. The system was equipped with a microphone, so the caller was able to alert police that the woman was communicating with a man. The police found both suspects and took them into custody before anything was broken or stolen.


When it comes to home security, it is not a time to test your luck. These systems can become priceless to you the day they protect the things that are most important to you.

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