Why is a Surveillance System a must-have for any Retail Store?

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Loss is prevalent in an open retail environment. We see shows on T.V. that show how people take merchandise from stores without paying for them. We also see on these shows how these unlawful takers get caught – through a video surveillance system. By being able to catch the offender, surveillance systems also make the best loss prevention systems.

How Prevalent is Theft in Retail Stores?

Shoplifting, or theft of merchandise, is one of the most prevalent forms of crime in the United States. The amount of stolen goods per year is estimated at $16 billion a year, and this is very alarming for businesses.

Shoplifters have become very creative in concealing the goods they take. The most common way to take merchandise is by hiding them in bags or in clothing. Other ways to conceal merchandise are quite silly but creative, like when women pretend to be pregnant to hide merchandise in what would seem to be their growing tummy. Although an article where a woman allegedly hid groceries inside her private area was proven false, we can’t tell the outrageous ways shoplifters will use to take goods – especially the really expensive ones.

Surveillance Systems as Loss Prevention System

Surveillance systems can work as your best tool to help prevent merchandise from being taken from retail stores without being paid for. This works by being able to keep an eye on almost every inch of the store.

Outside the retail environment, surveillance systems work as a way to keep entry points watched to deter crooks from doing their evil deeds. They also record actual happening so they can also serve as evidence of how a crime was committed – or at least who did it.

Surveillance systems can also work best to guard store goods, storage, registers, and vaults, as well as the customers and staff of the stores from criminals. Store managers can now set up a loss prevention system that works to protect their businesses.

What makes Surveillance Systems the best Loss Prevention System?

Do you ever wonder how stores can keep all their goods sage without the right surveillance system? Store owners hire lots of new personnel to be in charge of shoplifting control and would spend more money having to pay them.

With CalAtlantic Surveillance solutions, you can let technology do all the work. In order to seamlessly satisfy customer needs, CalAtlantic and its technology partners have observed greater organizational alignment and collaboration is needed in retail businesses.

With the help of our parents, we have developed InteleTraxs, our Retail Solution. Inteletraxs is a highly effective and accurate security and business management software. Inteletraxs Leverages existing surveillance systems while adding significant value to retail stores and distribution centers.

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