Why Should You Choose CalAtlantic Security Over Other Security Solutions Providers?

On April 10, 2021 By Team CalAtlantic

There are a lot of considerations for a home security solutions provider. Choose a local company that values your personalized needs and considers you as a partner.

Why Should You Choose CalAtlantic Security Over Other Security Solutions Providers?
















If you’re a homeowner, you are sure to consider the safety and security of your home. That is what a dependable home alarm system is for.

We know that shopping for an innovative home security system provider can be overwhelming. Options are abundant, and there is a lot to take into consideration. Your deciding factor can range from picking between DIY products to acquiring one with professional installation. You may also run into a dilemma of choosing between a national security company versus a smaller, local security company.

We are here to help you narrow down your list. If having service support that offers local monitoring, personal connection, custom solutions, information updates, and ongoing support is essential and valuable to you, then going for a local smart home security company like CalAtlantic might be your solution! 


No More Quick Fix Solutions

Most security alarm companies offer solutions based on generic formats and the same quick fixes provided to everyone else. It is unlikely that you’ll experience face-to-face interaction with their staff. You’ll probably close a deal with them through the phone. This method fails to address the individualized needs of each homeowner.

Every homeowner has their own unique needs, which is why we want to address each technology and home security requirement of all our clients by providing them tailor-made security solutions. 

How is this possible? Local security companies take the time to identify the security system you need by visiting your property and identifying what you need precisely. Unlike the cookie-cutter systems offered in most security alarm companies, we have greater familiarity with the demands that homeowners have in your community and will therefore have a better idea of what to recommend to meet your needs.


YOU are Our Partner

We want a personalized and individualized client experience, and that’s we give your feedback and inputs of utmost importance. After each project proposal, we give you the freedom to make revisions or customize it as you wish. This way, we can finalize the proposal you’re satisfied and comfortable with. Besides, you won’t hear us selling services or products that you won’t need. 

We also address your specific concerns right away. Having a local security company ensures that your calls and questions will be answered promptly. What we offer is an open line of communication for your post-sale concerns. We provide ongoing services and support when you need it. Our team will be ready to greet and assist you.

Local smart home security companies like CalAtlantic value client relationships. We are committed to listening and understanding your needs.


Professional Service Made Available

We prioritize providing quality service; that’s why we offer professional installation. You should consider this if you’re thinking about your money’s worth in the long run. Some companies may offer cheap deals or free giveaways, only to provide a subpar or even unsatisfying security solution.

CalAtlantic works with technology partners that follow best practices and are compatible with our business standards.

We are a certified system integrator, and we ensure that our staff continuously learn and undergo training to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and knowledge on every step of the process. We understand the faultiness of cutting corners and delivering piecemeal solutions. We make it a point that our users are comfortable and familiar with the personalized systems installed in their homes or buildings.



Deciding for your security solutions provider can be challenging, but with CalAtlantic, you’re in good hands! 

CalAtlantic is the leading security solutions provider in Sacramento. We listen to the needs of our clients and deliver the best-value business management and security solutions.


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