Why You Need CalAtlantic Surveillance Systems

On February 25, 2015 By admin

Nowadays, video surveillance systems have become a necessity for business owners. Oftentimes, these surveillance systems are put into question as to the benefits it may present to a business. Recent news coverage shows how useful surveillance systems are when it comes to security and monitoring your business.

You Can’t Afford Not To Have One.

The presence of cameras is effective in reducing crime. The key is not just in having the cameras, but the manner in which they are used – how many cameras are employed, where they are set up and how well they are monitored. CalAtlantic accepts the challenge of providing highly efficient surveillance systems that are properly employed, appropriately set up, and aptly monitored. Not only that, CalAtlantic seeks to provide its clients the superb solution to all problems caused by inadequate monitoring systems sold by other companies.

CalAtlantic Protects and Secures Your Business.

With CalAtlantic’s Surveillance System, businesses are saving lots and lots of money not only by keeping their wares safe, but also by avoiding any issues that would cost their company thousands of dollars to resolve. The innovations of security surveillance systems are ever changing, and CalAtlantic keeps up with these changes to provide its customers security, safety, and satisfaction.

Experience these with CalAtlantic’s Surveillance System:

  • Increase in overall security and safety. Properly positioned cameras can help businesses prevent crimes and break-ins.
  • Boost staff productivity. With the presence of surveillance cameras strategically placed around your business, experience a boost in staff productivity, as well as improved communication across departments within your company.
  • Avoid dishonest claims. In an event where there may be claims from either your visitors or employees, you have the visual evidence to prove false assertions that will cost you money from hospital bills or expensive unwarranted insurance claims.
  • Deal with employee disputes. Incidents in question can easily be disputed with irrefutable evidence that can be provided by good surveillance systems. Employee disputes are easily resolved when clear visual proof is available.
  • Prevent theft. Due to the presence of these video surveillance systems, unwanted visitors trying to sneak into your premises will definitely think twice. The surveillance monitoring cameras can also record any activity, anytime, anywhere.
  • Constant real-time monitoring. IP surveillance helps employees whom you authorized to view critical areas, straight from their computers.
  • Remote Video Monitoring. All you need is a PC with network access, and your employees can now view your surveillance system feeds. Remote video monitoring allows your authorized users to view live feeds straight from your surveillance systems.
  • Say good bye to tapes. With digital storage now available in different sizes that can amount up to 2 terabytes, businesses with IP-based video surveillance systems can take advantage of recording the live feeds into memory, with just a single hard drive. Authorized personnel are only granted access to the memory in order to review past recordings.
  • Visual evidence for investigations. You start recording from the time your system goes up, this means that in the case of an investigation you can easily pull out certain parts of the feed and submit it as evidence to court. This will serve useful, especially in dealing with cases that happen around the critical areas of your business.
  • Most important benefit? Safety. CalAtlantic’s Surveillance Systems aim to provide safety for its clients, not only with its wares, but the sight of a security surveillance camera deters people from committing conducts of misbehavior. Reduce threats of violence and keep your business safe from unwanted harm!

Moreover, owning a surveillance system improves your company’s image, crowd control and monitoring, entry and exit way safety, and venue safety. Installing an efficient surveillance system is definitely a good investment for your business in the years to come.

Why should you choose CalAtlantic over the other surveillance system providers? We treat each business as a unique project that demands its own unique planning for security. With our state of the art equipment, along with the impeccable support service the company has to offer, there’s no doubt that CalAtlantic has surpassed its competitors in providing efficient surveillance systems around the country.

Do you have questions about how CalAtlantic can help you set up your own surveillance system? Contact us today!

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