Burglar & Fire Alarm Monitoring

Burglar Alarm System & Fire Alarm Monitoring Service 

Burglar Alarm Security Systems 

When it comes to securing your business from intruders, you can depend on CalAtlantic’s burglar alarm system to protect your assets and personal safety. Our team is always on your side with our combination of leading security surveillance technology and unparalleled customer service. We work hard to protect the capital of your business through detection and subsequent prevention of burglars.

Our alarms sound off when unwelcome burglars attempt to enter the premises. Our team works in conjunction with local authorities to stop the intruders in the act. We notify your company’s operation's managers immediately to keep you informed of emergency scenarios. Our security team monitors your facility after-hours to give you peace of mind knowing that your assets will be protected with our leading alarm monitoring services

Fire Alarm Systems 

We’ve got your assets covered when it comes to fire safety in your building. Our advanced fire alarm systems can help you stay informed with early smoke detection before larger issues arise. We keep up with industry standards on fire safety codes to make sure that we can provide your business with the benefits of insurance premium reduction. Not only will you see large reductions in costs, you will rest assured knowing that your premises abides by local, state, and federal fire safety regulations, holding your business less liable when it comes to compliance.