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Future Proof, Intelligent IP Surveillance is Closer Than You Think…

There are many video surveillance deployment strategies available, however in order to maximize productivity and long-term value, the recommended deployment strategy for digital video is an advanced IP-Surveillance solution. If you have already deployed CCTV, then migration to true IP surveillance is closer than you think.

Migrate analog CCTV to Intelligent IP video surveillance into a single platform by combining CalAtlantic’s InteleTraxs Analytic Intelligence Software using our Green Eco Series Network Video Servers.

Red Fire Alarm SignalFeatures:

  • Unlimited number of sites

  • Unlimited number of cameras per server

  • Unlimited multi-server (server farm)

  • Support for multiple camera types (e.g. analog, IP, USB, megapixel etc.)

  • Simultaneous video streams from single camera

  • Network video support (MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264)

  • Record on motion (video motion detection from camera)

  • Record locally – record on schedule – record on alarm

  • Record NAS/SAN/DAS

  • Audio recording support

  • Customizable user access levels

  • Symphony web client

  • Multi-language

  • PDA client

  • Video wall

Deployment Scenarios:

Many video surveillance deployment strategies are available. However, in order to maximize productivity and long-term value the recommended deployment strategy for your digital video is an advanced IP-Surveillance solution. If you have already deployed CCTV, thenmigration to true IP surveillance is closer than you think. These options are explained below.

Scenario 1: IP cameras with Network Video Server

The simplest, most cost-effective and flexible deployment for companies who will be positioning their surveillance facilities for the first time is one that utilizes the IP surveillance technology and has a system that has a centralized server

This means that IP surveillance cameras are connected to a single network, where video can be accessed online and archived without the need to procure of install multiple servers in each location. CalAtlantic’s Green Eco Series running the InteleTraxs Server Software stores the videos and provides the information trafficking & monitoring needs of the company.

The migration to Business Analytics is a simple systems upgrade that only involves utilizing more advanced software.

Unlike the usual digital video recorders that needs a set of closed-circuit television cameras that are usually proprietary and do not have an expandable capacity & require expensive hardware changes & upgrades, with CalAtlantic, integration is easier and doesn’t require much costs or hardened solutions.

Scenario 2: CCTV cameras with video servers

However, for companies that have already stationed their equipment on site, they can still reap the benefits of CalAtlantic’s InteleTraxs IP Surveillance.

It is because the system that CalAtlantic use is a flexible technology that can accommodate analog cameras and traditional CCTV systems. Analalog cameras can be connected to CalAtlantic’s Green Eco Series Server which enables analog video to be digitized, transmitted and viewed over an IP network.

This means that the IP cameras and analog CCTVs can coexist on one unified platform.
For businesses, this means operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness because the new system can work well with the new equipment investment. No overhead cost has gone to waste.

Unlike older systems, CalAtlantic has the most versatile structure that can converge two monitoring systems without compromising the other.

Scenario 3: Option 1 & 2 with integrated VCA

By leveraging the flexibility of CalAtlantic’s InteleTraxs Video IP Surveillance Solutions, Video Content Analysis can be utilized on a per camera basis only when needed. These options provide a lot of elbow room for users when pulling out necessary data reports.
One unified platform can be used for video playback and archiving which makes it a user friendly system that is easy to navigate and without the complications of going through all unnecessary files.

CalAtlantic InteleTraxs Business Analytics can be integrated on the fly by performing a mere software upgrade giving Security professionals maximum flexibility and scalability. By utilizing this system, the number of cameras that can be accessed through this scheme is unlimited. This gives it an extra advantage compared with its competitors in the market.

CalAtlantic’s InteleTraxs affords you the ability to migrate to intelligent IP surveillance over time, without replacing your current CCTV investment.

The system also has built in protection coordination program to ensure that its operations will not be compromised like camera loss detection if cords have been cut in one the areas; camera obstructed/moved if the position of the camera head has been changed or redirected; basic video motion detection and motion tracking; virtual fence; wrong direction; multiple area alarms for when it is left or removed forcibly; item detection or people counting for loitering individuals; video analytic applications with access control and alarm panels.