Business & Home Automation

Business and Home Automation Systems 

Business Automation Systems

CalAtlanticprovides leading solutions in business automation systems for our clients. From remote security options to automated office controls, we tailor our security solutions to enhance business productivity for different industries.

We understand the need that automotive dealerships have of finding energy efficient lighting and climate control solutions. In areas such as the service drive and the outside parking lot areas, which generally host around the clock lighting, energy costs add up very quickly. To offset these costs, our lighting control systems ensure that building lights work on a timer, while detecting any physical movement.

Our LumiTraxs Automotive lighting is a great option to help maximize energy efficiency. Each light can be dimmed and programmed for easy monitoring and control. These lamps in our lights will last on average 25% longer than a traditional HID, fluorescent, or even LED lights. This automotive automation system is just one example of our business products that will help you achieve optimal energy efficiency and save you money each month.

The retail industry is made up of many distinct departments and sectors; yet, all of these need to function cohesively and have uniform surveillance. Cal Atlantic’s InteleTraxs Retail provides a solution for accomplishing retail security goals by not only focusing on loss preventions, but also meeting broader needs such as public safety, measuring business performance and enhancing customer service. This business automation solution combines video management and analytics software to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what occurs throughout your entire business operation. 

Supply Chain & Transportation
Other intelligent products such as KeyTraxs Supply Chain and FleetTraxs Transportationoffer other comprehensive benefits that will greatly enhance your logistics experience.

Home Automation Security Information
When it comes to protecting your family and loved ones, we understand that you want to stay connected with your home while on the go. Our quality-assured home automation system allows you to have remote access to your residence’s security, lighting and entertainment systems.

Simply having surveillance cameras won’t protect your home, but having smart cameras that are well monitored and well placed will greatly enhance your home security. CalAtlantic’s surveillance options are fully adaptable from CCTV analog to an IP-based system so that you can remotely manage everything from a single remote device. This allows your surveillance system to work for you and alert you of suspicious activity from any location.

An anti-burglar alarm system will give you peace of mind knowing that your home will quickly warn you of any possible intruders. This system is not something that you would want to compromise on, because it could prevent detrimental loss in a time of need. CalAtlantic’santi-burglar alarm systems feature video surveillance, interior or exterior motion sensors, breakage sensors and panic buttons. Those features will help you instantaneously reach out to the police as soon as your system becomes aware of a possible break in. With such a comprehensive system you should be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that your home security is constantly ready to defend itself from burglars.

Fire/Life Safety
Fires are so unpredictable and cannot always be prevented from starting even when we undertake the highest precautions. However, with highly sensitive fire alarm systems and other life safety alarm systems integrated into your home, you can feel protected and confident should a hazardous situation ever present itself. CalAtlantic’s recommended fire and life safety systems include smoke detectors, gas detectors, alarm and notification systems, and special hazards suppression. While these tools might not feel urgent to you right now, they will bring so much peace of mind and in a moment of need you will be so glad that you took the time and money to invest in prevention technology.