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The challenges in today’s fast changing marketplace are putting increased pressure on executives who are asked to deliver rapid return on investment, reduce total cost of ownership, and limit risk on projects.

CalAtlantic’s business solutions provides the necessary boost and are easily integrated, minimizing the equipment and expense that is needed to properly secure a facility.


CalAtlantic Solutions are installed on certified Network Serves hardware that aims to cut time in evaluating and procuring products from multiple or new vendors or suppliers.

Executives can easily standardize and help reduce the volume of hardware suppliers which slashes the maintenance and down time.


As businesses grow, more investments are required to support the system that runs the operations. With CalAtlantic, we make sure that new investments can work well together with the older versions.

By doing this, the deployment of both assets is cheaper because there is less downtime and integration is easy. Unlike other installations, CalAtlantic uses a versatile system that can work well with other deployments.


Since we use a converged infrastructure, the end result is an increased application support for the system. We use open—standard based architectures and application programming interfaces (APIs), which are set of tools that programs use to communicate to each other to direct and provide methodology to fully adapt to other servers and applications.


Mobility is one of the most pressing concerns for businesses all over the globe. With CalAtlantic, we make sure that you have access to everything that you need, when you need, where you need it.

The system utilized by the company allows a centralized data management, storage, and protection without the need to procure additional hardware.


Our server software enables multiple solutions to work together in a single, unified platform, which allows hardware upgrades or customization easier to deploy and on a per solution basis.

Our system standouts from most current systems that uses static product specifications which cannot be easily upgraded or customized as changing business requirements emerge.


Our solutions enjoy a longer life cycle. As some proprietary products and programs become obsolete faster, CalAtlantic uses software that can be upgraded and updated.

Because of this, as new enhancements emerge, software products running on CalAtlantic-certified hardware are easily upgraded to support new applications or standards.

This means lower maintenance cost for businesses because there is no need to replace previously bought hardware unlike other products that require replacement.


As the business grows and the production capacity of the operations increases, the need for a secured working environment is a necessity.

CalAtlantic Solutions has the technology that can be used to analyze huge amounts of video-derived data that can be filtered through in a matter of seconds. This system reduces the manpower costs of the company as it removes the need for extra personnel as the company’s requirement for video surveillance grows.


Video monitoring has become of the most reliable surveillance procedures in the past decades. Because of this, CalAtlantic Video Analytics has developed a system that adheres to customer-defined rules and response processes.

Unlike manual based monitoring, system-operated surveillance ensures 100 percent operational compliance and is not dependent on the integrity and character of assigned personnel.

This system minimizes the operational risks for business owners and their partners.


CalAtlantic Video Analytics do not only improve compliance, it also increases the accuracy of reports. The system never fails to identify possible risks and do not miss any suspicious trends.

Because of this, the system has greatly reduced the number of false conclusions and doubtful investigation results.

Unlike human-operated surveillance, the systems do not miss over 90 percent of scene activity after 20 minutes of continuous video monitoring.

The accuracy of surveillance is the businesses’ first line of defense against unwanted incidents and the witness of unexpected occurrences that could have been easily missed by a human eye.

These are only few of the things that your business can enjoy when getting a business solution that is committed to help bring your business to the next level of profitability, efficiency, and growth.


CalAtlantic’s video surveillance monitoring products and security services can dramatically improve the safety of your auto dealership. With the use of artificial intelligence and advanced formulas to filter out all unnecessary information, CalAtlantic’s video monitoring system and other security products streamline the way you protect your car dealership from security related threats. Whether it’s overseeing the transaction process between your employees and customers, or simply verifying the legitimacy of a claim, Cal Atlantic’s automotive business solutions have you covered.

Security solutions for auto dealerships include:


InteleTraxs Automotive

Analytic video management capabilities means that you can automatically control camera features and customize the way you approach asset protection. The analytics applications intelligence reporting even gives you the ability to monitor your business in real time, with advanced features like measuring occupancy and traffic flow problems to better asses your performance.

  • Automatic control of PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras

  • “Smart Search” & business intelligence reports

  • Highly customizable

  • Search & display specific incidents immediately

  • Reduce investigation time

  • Quick asset protection

DealTraxs deal monitoring

DealTraxs Automotive

The tool that acts as your eyes and ears from afar, CalAtlantic’s DealTraxs automotive solution innovates the way you protect and manage your valuable transactions by allowing owners and managers to see and hear how your employees are handling transactions and dealing with customers-all in real time, thus improving full disclosure and making it easier to monitor whether or not all Financial and Insurance regulations are being met.

  • No longer take sides between your customers and your employees.

  • Provide full and equal disclosure.

  • Enhance employee training.

  • Improve customer satisfactions.

  • Meet F&I Compliance Regulations

  • Video and Audio Recordings

ServiceTraxs auto dealership

ServiceTraxs Automotive

When you need to know if your customer is making a valid claim or not, the features of ServiceTraxs make it so that you can verify the validity of that claim with ease. So instead of relying on a visual inspection from the ground, you can enhance your verification method with high quality audio and visual solutions.

  • Enhanced audio.

  • Sight and sound technology by CalAtlantic

  • Live remote video/audio

  • View simultaneously multiple locations

  • Improved CSI

  • Enhance employee training

Ford Raptor

AutoTraxs Automotive

Track the movement and location of your vehicles and improve the overall security of your auto dealership with AutoTraxs

  • Authorized removal ONLY

  • Tracks employee to inventory

  • “How long off my lot” reports

  • “Where’s my car NOW” reports

  • Automatic email alerts

  • Dealership inventory tracked to remote storage lo


KeyTraxs Automotive

Gives you far greater control and increased avenues for oversight in terms of who is allowed in the building, in what areas of the building, at what times, not to mention the 24/7 access you have to immediately and from any location, shut down access to the building for any emergency.

  • Entry/Exit Tracking

  • Integrated Biometrics

  • Receive notifications

  • 24/7 Worldwide Master Control

  • Garage doors

  • Barrier Gates

LumiTraxs Auto Dealership

LumiTraxs Automotive

Intelligent lighting solutions for your automotive dealership means that you can program and control each and every light on your premises, in addition to the fact that LumiTraxs lights last an average of 25% longer than the traditional HID or LED lighting systems.



Collaborating with all departments and team members is key when it comes to protecting your retail business from loss and satisfying the needs of your customers, and now with intelligent video solutions and other surveillance products from CalAtlantic you can achieve this sense of security with ease. From processing intelligence reports to ensuring that public safety measures are being met, CalAtlantic’s retail solutions can improve the success of your business giving you the tools necessary to prioritize the safety and satisfaction of your customers, and those solutions include:

Inteletraxs retail monitoring

InteleTraxs Retail

Increased customer-centric trends in today’s retail industry means that you need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to comprehensively meeting the demands of your customers across departments. By collaborating between the various departments like loss prevention, HR, merchandising, sales and service, and distribution, you not only improve customer satisfaction, but also your ability to gather valuable data about your retail business.



KeyTraxs Retail

Today’s fast-paced consumer economy makes it necessary to improve traditional technologies, from cameras to keys, and with CalAtlantic’s KeyTraxs, a keyless facility is even safer than one with keys. Whether you need to customize KeyTraxs to allow only certain people access at certain business hours, or track and monitor employee’s access to company computers, you control the accessibility of the building and thus greatly reduce the chance of anyone unauthorized entering the premises.

  • Keyless facility

  • Automated scheduled openings and closings

  • Independent department controls

  • Personnel tracking/computer access

  • Integrated biometrics

  • Email/text/voicemail notifications


FleetTraxs Retail

When you need to know the location and status of your fleet, every second is precious, which is why FleetTraxs from CalAtlantic offers you an asset management tool that streamlines how you manage your retail fleet. With global asset tracking capabilities that lets you know the location of your fleet in real time, as well as other valuable information, you can minimize many of the risks associated with fleet transportation.


lumitraxs retail

LumiTraxs Retail

Don’t let lighting solutions go overlooked when it comes to addressing the needs of your retail business solutions, as smart lighting technology can make or break the security of any location. Not to mention the fact that LumiTraxs also helps your retail business save money with more efficient lighting solutions.


Supply Chain Logistics

Ensuring that your supply chain is operating seamlessly across manufacturing, distribution, and service and supply channels is an absolute necessity for every business’s surveillance system. One small glitch or detail overlooked in the supply chain can jeopardize your bottom line if it’s not promptly identified and addressed. This is where the surveillance system solutions from CalAtlantic can play a valuable role in protecting your assets and managing risk.


InteleTraxs supply chain

CalAtlantic’s intelligent business solutions allow you to transform the basic camera into an information-processing machine that not only improves the safety and security of your business, but time productivity and efficiency as well.

  • Automatic control of PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras

  • “Smart Search” & business intelligence reports

  • Highly customizable

  • Search & display specific incidents immediately

  • Reduce investigation time

  • Quick asset protection


KeyTraxs supply chain

The risk of misplacing or losing your keys is a bit more consequential for a supply chain manager or the operator of a large fleet, which is why KeyTraxs is the intelligent keyless technology that both simplifies and strengthens the physical security of your operation.

  • Keys are very risky.

  • Completely customizable

  • Automated scheduled openings and closings

  • Independent department control

  • Integrated biometrics

  • Personnel tracking/computer access


FleetTraxs supply chain

Minimizing risk while managing large fleet operations can be nearly impossible without the right surveillance tools, and CalAtlantic’s FleetTraxs solution helps to address this problem by providing you with helpful security features for your supply chain, including: “locate that asset technology”, real time inventory reports, point to point reporting and audit controls, and tracking authorized driver to truck controls.

  • Exclusive “Locate That Asset Technology”

  • Authorized removal ONLY

  • Real time inventory reports

  • Yard management

  • Automatic email alerts

  • Ingress/Egress access control

LumiTraxs Supply Chain

LumiTraxs supply chain

Lighting solutions are a key aspect of surveillance and security at every stage of the supply chain, and with the LumiTraxs supply chain solution from CalAtlantic you can rest assured that the safety of your property, products, and personnel will be better protected with these intelligent lighting solutions.



Does your business have an efficient tool for tracking and managing the movements of your fleet? Whether it’s for maintaining quick and easy communication lines with your driver or re-routing your fleet to a more efficient course, a comprehensive fleet tracking system is a vital part of every business involved in the fleet transportation industry.

CalAtlantic’s fleet tracking and asset monitoring system, Fleet Trax, addresses both of the above issues and more, making your day-to-day life on the job simpler and easier to manage for both, you and your drivers. So how does Fleet Trax work to make this happen?

Optimizing asset tracking capabilities

An accurate fleet tracking system can save your business time and money, and with CalAtlantic’s Fleet Trax you can be in real-time contact with your driver and the location of your fleet, 24/7. With quick updates sent to your driver about additional stops and time-saving re-routes, you can reach the true potential of your business. When your customer makes a transportation request that needs to be addressed immediately, Fleet Trax allows you to meet the demand with readiness and strong time management. The ability to communicate with your driver and provide them with helpful and timely information is key in transportation, which is why Fleet Trax makes it possible for you to navigate the most time-sensitive demands with ease and efficiency.


Gain insight into your business’s performance with important data

Not only does Fleet Trax have the capability of providing you with instant GPS tracking location services, but it also provides you with a powerful data tool through the use of intuitive fleet tracking software. When it comes to the transportation business, decreasing profitability is an issue that is easily addressed with features of Fleet Trax; features which, for example, minimize the need for overtime and thus expensive rates, help you save on fueling costs, and even gain insight into performance with monthly data reports.