Fire/Life Safety


Fire AlarmFire, accidents and natural disasters can happen at any time. The effects can be devastating to your employees, and to your business. But it doesn’t have to be that way. CalAtlantic’s comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Solutions can minimize risk and help prevent property loss, while ensuring a safer environment.

CalAtlantic offer solutions for all your life safety needs, from powerful control panels and economical detectors to innovative signals. CalAtlantic offers a full range of engineered input and output modules, as well as accessories. Our customized products are developed specifically to your needs, whether it be for a single room, or for a whole building.

CalAtlantic’s products are compatible with other systems, so there's no need for wasting time on products that aren’t. CalAtlantic’s portfolio of products for fire and life safety makes protecting your employees and assets easy and effective. Get your fire and life safety solutions only from CalAtlantic. Call us now!

Get reliable Fire and Life Safety tools from CatlAlantic

CalAtlantic provides high-performing fire and life safety products that are sure to work when the need arises. CalAtlantic’s line of fire and life safety solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Smoke Detectors

CalAtlantic can provide you with sensitive smoke detectors so you can stop the fire before it worsens. Our smart smoke detectors will provide quick and necessary response to contain threats to your business. Moreover, our smoke detectors are proven to be long lasting, and will surely work when you need it to.

2. Gas Detectors

Sometimes, it is gas and not smoke that signals an impending catastrophe. Carbon Monoxide is one of these. That is why we also offer gas detectors that can help you prevent disaster. Our smoke and gas detectors are equipped with self-assessment mechanisms so that you are informed when it’s time for them to be serviced to prevent false alarms.

3. Alarms and notification systems

Detection is nothing if you are not notified of it. Our fire alarms are of the highest standards and will provide reliable protection.We have a number of notification and communication systems that can fit your particular need. Communication is crucial in saving lives during disasters. Make sure that you have the right tools only from CalAtlantic.

4. Special Hazards Suppression

Businesses that need more than sprinklers to suppress potential hazards can find the right solution through CalAtlantic. We have special hazards suppression systems to protect your site, especially those that include chemicals and other flammables. Seeking advanced protection for your high-value equipment and processes? CalAtlantic can provide the right solution for you!

For the safety you need, get the right tools only from CalAtlantic

CalAtlantic provides high quality and high performance tools that can provide the safety you need and deserve. You are assured that our fire and life safety solutions are some of the best that you can get in the market.

Call us at CalAtlantic now and start ensuring workplace safety through CalAtlantic’s line of comprehensive Life and Safety Solutions that are here to serve you. Call us now!