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Asset Tracking Solutions & Asset Monitoring Technology

Managing risk is a challenge. For Logistics, Fleet, Security and Risk Managers this task is taken to a whole new level. They are responsible for monitoring entire fleets, containers and the employees that move them.

They are asked to instantly answer such questions as:

"When was it taken?"
"How long has it been gone?"
"Who has it now?"

CalAtlantic's FleetTraxs Solution is a robust and comprehensive transportation, fleet and asset management tool that can instantly tell you where your assets are located. Our solution helps minimize risk and asset loss and in turn reduces cost. FleetTraxs uses GPS technology and enhanced RFID technology to track your assets globally. Our solution is simple to use and fully customizable providing "Real Time" Asset Tracking.


  • Exclusive “Locate That Asset Technology”

  • Authorized removal ONLYFleetTraxs Solution Supply Chain

  • Real time inventory reports

  • Yard management

  • Automatic email alerts

  • Tracking authorized driver to truck controls

  • Point to point reporting and audit controls

  • Ingress/Egress access control

CalAtlantic recognizes that a busy world calls for moving assets around at a faster pace. This necessity also increases the chances of accidents and lost assets. CalAtlantic's FleetTraxs Solution offers the world's only "talking" vehicle reversing aids, side and reverse camera kits, and cell phone control solutions. FleetTraxs has helped Fleet Managers to significantly reduce accidents by providing our unique line of battle tested solutions. Maintaining your fleet has never been easier!

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