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CalAtlantic Security Systems

If you are looking for a security system to protect your business, then CalAtlantic California alarm monitoring services is for you. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can enable a 24 hour video surveillance system on your facilities, your employees, and also your clients who visit your place of business.

CalAlantic’s Security systems ensure that all your security needs are solved, that your satisfaction is met, and that your peace of mind is at 100 percent! Just inquire with us and we shall provide the best security system that will safeguard your business to guarantee easy-going business activities during the day, and worry-free sleep for you as you go home after office hours.

Some of the security measures CalAtlantic can provide you are:

  • Surveillance Systems which, if set in the most strategic places, at strategic numbers, can help deter the forces of criminals day or night.
  • Access Control provides keyless security to delicate parts of your business place, and easy deactivation of lost access cards.
  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring Systems are integrated to your doors and windows, to outdoor perimeter sensors, indoor motion sensors, glass breakage sensors, and to vaults and safe systems, which are sure to discourage villains from committing crime on your property.
  • Fire and Life Safety, to help protect your business and your employees by detecting and providing security measures for disasters whether natural or man-made.
  • Business Automation gives you remote security options and automated office controls, enhancing productivity while maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Business Analytics fortifies your surveillance systems by integrating an advanced IP solution so you can progress from analog to IP surveillance in a snap. 
  • Security Lighting provides not only low cost, energy-efficient and long lasting light systems, but intelligent lighting at that! Our programmable lighting can be integrated with our Eco-series Solutions, where you can set it for your desired use and brightness. As energy costs rise, your costs remain low.

So come to CalAtlantic and inquire how we can change the meaning of business security to you.  Because at CalAtlantic, we make smart products, intelligent!