KeyTraxs Automotive


KeyTraxs, CalAtlantic's intelligent keyless security system, is ready to protect your cars and other vehicles. KeyTraxs can provide high-standard security to you garage, gates, and other entry points for your automotive.

KeyTraxs at a Glance

KeyTraxs is the high-performance keyless security system of CalAtlantic. With KeyTraxs, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Be safe and secured with a keyless Facility – With KeyTraxs, you will not need to re-key your facility should you lose your key. You will not need to spend so much by having to re-key, without compromising security.
  • Entry/Exit Tracking – Track who goes in and out of your facility with the use of an automated record of the use of access cards.
  • Integrated Biometrics – If you wish to improve your security even further, KeyTraxs can be fortified by biometrics to ensure that only those who are allowed to enter your facility can truly do so. This will also discourage access card sharing or having someone who maliciously obtained an access card to enter your facility.
  • Receive notifications – Did a cancelled card try to enter your facility? Is there a series of mismatch between the access card and the biometrics? Did someone enter a maximum-security area? You will be alerted through email, text or voice mail so you can check out potential intruders.
  • 24/7 Worldwide Master Control – You can immediately suspend access for lost or stolen access cards. The best part is that you can do this from wherever you are. You will also be able to lock down your facility in case of extreme circumstances or in an effort to detain an intruder through any computer.
KeyTraxs for your Automotive

KeyTraxs can be used for the following automotive applications:

  • Garage doors – Automated garage doors are there to help you easily open and close them, but not exactly to secure your vehicle. Losing your remote is like losing a key so you would have to change your system to avoid entry from burglers. With KeyTraxs, you can also suspend access to lost cards so you can keep your garage, and your home, safe. Add biometrics so you are sure to strengthen your garage security.
  • Gates – KeyTraxs can also be used for your home gates. Not only will you be able to provide security for your vehicle, but also for your whole house. You would also be able to remotely open your gates in case of deliveries and visitors so you would not have to physically open the gates yourself. It is best to pair your KeyTraxs with IntelleTraxs, CalAtlantic's intelligent video surveillance system, so you would be able to see who is outside your gates even without going there yourself.
    KeyTraxs would also work great for condominium and village gates and entrances so you can ensure that those who are allowed can enter.
  • Barrier Gates – Mall parking can also make use of KeyTraxs as smart barrier gates. The access cards can serve as the tickets, which will allow the bearer to enter the facility. You can also track what time the vehicle came especially for payment purposes.
Get KeyTraxs for Automotive now!

KeyTraxs is a truly intelligent keyless security system that can really protect your vehicle, your home, and your business. If you wish to use KeyTraxs for other purposes, just contact CalAtlantic and we'll discuss how we can be of service to you. Be safe and secure intelligently with CalAtlantic!