KeyTraxs Retail

Never Have to Re-Key Your Facility Again

CalAtlantic KeyTraxs Solution allows you to control sensitive areas within your facility without having to use traditional keys. Having to re-key a facility because of one lost or stolen key is expensive. With KeyTraxs, it's simple: log in to your computer and disable the card. You're done!

KeyTraxs standard features control doors and the times each person can gain access. Our solution allows for customizable access rights and allows easy selection and deselection of these rights. Defined access rights can be applied to: specific doors, elevator floors, computers, business hours, holidays and more.

KeyTraxs Retail Keyless FacilityFeatures:
  • Keyless facility

  • Automated scheduled openings and closings

  • Independent department controls

  • Personnel tracking/computer access

  • Integrated biometrics

  • Email/text/voicemail notifications

  • 24/7 Remote access – immediate suspension of card access for lost or stolen cards or terminations

  • Multiple site/global systems

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