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Do you feel the hassle of locking and unlocking your office? Do you worry that anyone can get your keys and gain access to sensitive areas of your business? Do you want to be able to control the level of employee access even remotely? And finally, do you want to avoid the cost of having to rekey your doors each time you lose your keys or change staff? Then KeyTraxs is for you!

Keytraxs Keyless Facility by CalAtlantic California Automotive Surveillance

KeyTraxs is CalAtlantic’s intelligent keyless security system that enables the owner, or the security team, complete control of access to doors and gates of the business

KeyTraxs Features

KeyTraxs is a feature-rich security system. With KeyTraxs, you will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Keys are very risky. They can get lost at anytime. They are also very easy to copy. With just a mold of your key anybody can get into sensitive areas of your business. You’d also have to keep your business doors unlocked at all times because it would be such a hassle to have to key in every time someone has to get in and out of the office. With KeyTraxs, you can keep your doors locked and can then be opened only by designated people.Keyless facility
  • Completely customizable

Integrate your company ID to the KeyTraxs card so each employee will be able to quickly get in and out of areas where he or she has access. Furthermore, each card can be assigned a level of access that is appropriate for where he or she should only be allowed to go.

  • Automated scheduled openings and closings

You won’t have to worry about forgetting to close your office doors because you can program the doors to lock up at scheduled times.

  • Independent department control
  • Integrated biometrics

Want to ensure that only those with high-level access can enter sensitive areas of your business? Fortify your security with biometrics.

  • Personnel tracking/computer access

KeyTraxs can also work as a time keeping system so you know when the employee first comes in and last goes out. You will also be able to know where an employee goes to inside your workplace by telling which doors he or she goes in and out of.

  • Email/text/voice mail notifications
  • Automated/supervised inventory deliveries
  • 24/7 remote access – immediate suspension of cards

Did an employee lose his card or leave the company? With KeyTraxs, you can remove access in a snap!

Furthermore, KeyTraxs can be controlled remotely so you can ensure the security of your business 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Multiple site/global systems
  • Can be integrated with existing system

No need to start from scratch. We can work on with what you have. Let’s make your business intelligent!

Get KeyTraxs Now!

KeyTraxs truly is an intelligent security system built for modern times. Your business will be kept safe, and you will be able to save costs that traditional doors may bring, especially when you lose your keys and you’d have to re-key everything that is at risk of being compromised. Never re-key your facility again all thanks to KeyTraxs!

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