Lighting Now Made Intelligent

SmartPod Lighting Solutions CalAtlantic's Smart Lighting Solution

Lighting is an essential element of any residential or commercial establishment. When we try to amp up our homes or our place of business, our lighting should never get left behind. Thankfully, we have CalAtlantic’s SmartPod Lighting Solutions!

The SmartPod Lighting Solutions combines CalAtlantic’s intelligent business security solutions with smart, low-cost, energy-efficient lighting. Each light is networkable for easy programming, monitoring and control. CalAtlantic’s Lighting Systems can be combined with our Green Eco Series Solutions to create the most comprehensive solution for your facility.

Smart and High Quality Lighting

CalAtlantic’s lights on average have a 25% longer lamp life than traditional high-intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Better lumen maintenance means less labor and replacement to be recycled.

They are dimmable and can be used in conjunction with occupancy (motion-detecting) and daylight sensors. This would put an end to turning your lights off and on manually. And the daylight detectors would make it so that the lights get turned off when there is enough light already in the house.  

Smarten up your lighting with CalAtlantic

CalAtlantic turns your lighting system into a smart system.

There is no need to re-engineer your current lighting plan because we can just work with what you already have. This would allow you to save money, rather than having to spend more have to rewire the whole system again. 

CalAtlantic prioritizes your satisfaction. While power costs continue to go up, CalAtlantic helps keep them down in the most efficient manner possible.

CalAtlantic is the best choice for SmartPod Lighting Solutions. If you have any questions regarding our services or how we can help SmartPod become a reality for your business, contact us today!