Live Remote Video Monitoring

Live Remote Video Monitoring 
Security Access Control Systems 
CalAtlantic integrates multiple access control systems to provide our customers a seamless and dependable interactive security solution. Our unique approach to designing customized solutions creates the opportunity to reduce administrative costs and increase employee productivity. Our solutions are less expensive than hiring security guards. Remotely controlling access doors, accepting and monitoring after-hour deliveries, supervising janitorial and other vendor activity are examples of cost-saving tasks.
Drop Your Guard Security Solutions – We’re Always There! 
Imagine a world where you don’t need to worry about after-hours monitoring and surveillance for your business. With CalAtlantic’s after-hours remote video monitoring services, our security team provides you the peace of mind by preventing theft from your business. Our live remote video monitoring services eliminate the need for on-site security guards, translating into cost savings across the board!
When it comes to theft prevention, you can rely on our effective system that starts with detection. Early on, we use our remote surveillance equipment to detect attempts at petty crime such as theft and vandalism before they take place and disrupt your operations. Once we have identified a possible threat, we alert local law enforcement in addition to coordinating with your operation's managers. 
Door Access Control Systems
You can be sure that you will always have CalAtlantic by your side when it comes to your building’s security. Our sophisticated door access control systems can track your employees’ and visitors’ movements as they enter and leave the building. With keyless entry, we can offer your business up to $4,000 in savings with a 2 year ROI (return on investment). As your company’s internal structure changes, we have the ability to grant and deny building access permissions easily so that departing employees don’t have to turn in their keys when they leave.