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Lighting Now Made Intelligent

LumiTraxs - SmartPod Lighting Solution

Intelligent Lighting: Better for your security, better for your business

CalAtlantic’s comprehensive lighting solution, LumiTraxs, is the optimal combination of energy efficient lighting and intelligent security programming for retail businesses.


LumiTraxs is a reliable lighting system that is programmable with other security solutions from CalAtlantic, which gives you the maximum amount of control and protection over your business and the day-to-day activity that goes on at your facility or store. While traditional lighting systems have just the basic controls and a complete lack of comprehension when it comes to real-time response and security, CalAtlantic’s intelligent lighting solution, LumiTraxs provides an entirely different approach to comprehensive and energy efficient lighting for retail and most other businesses.

Comprehensive features without sacrificing on affordability and energy efficiency

LumiTraxs is also unique in that it provides exceptional quality lighting without having to pay the typical high cost of intelligent business lighting systems.


CalAtlantic’s LumiTraxs solution also uses lights which last an average of 25% longer than LED, florescent, and even electronic HID lights, which means that LumiTraxs is a smart investment that will continue to save your business money. LumiTraxs lights also are made with better lumen quality, which means that there is significantly less maintenance, and thus labor and replacement costs that you will have to worry about in the future, which is something that is also not often the case with traditional lighting systems.


Another beneficial and money-saving aspect of LumiTraxs by CalAtlantic is that there is no need to re-engineer the lighting system you currently have in place, because CalAtlantic can work with any lighting plan that is already installed! The sensory system behind the LumiTraxs lighting solution is a particularly efficient component of the package; the various sensors are designed to receive input regarding several factors relevant to light settings, such as daylight, the presence of a person or people, and the setting of the sun. The sensors can also be programmed to respond to other stimuli upon detection as well, giving your business the best chance for success and safety.

Customizability and control in your lighting and security systems translates into better safety and protection for your business, your employees, and your customers and clients

The state of the art technology behind LumiTraxs and other CalAtlantic intelligent business security solutions make it possible for you to have complete control over the level of integration you want for your comprehensive lighting system.


For example, SmartPOD lighting solution allows you to control: the range of the zones and scenes, settings for dimming, and the ability to implement a customizable schedule, all of which can be controlled with ease from a tablet, computer, or smart phone. The integration of LumiTraxs with other intelligent business security solutions from CalAtlantic is not only a wise decision in terms of security and protection, but also a sound investment in overall energy efficiency and cost reduction.

So if you're looking for ways to better serve your business with improved and energy efficient lighting and comprehensive security options to work along side that energy efficient lighting system, then LumiTraxs is the solution you have been looking for!

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