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LumiTrax – Reliable Security LightingLighting the LumiTraxs Way

Have you ever considered how much the lighting system of your building does for your business, not just when it comes to increasing visibility and safety, but also in terms of security and energy efficiency? Your customers depend upon a well-lit establishment in order to walk around easily during the day, but your business depends upon a smart lighting system after business hours to help protect your assets and infrastructure at night, so you need a lighting system that addresses both necessities.

This is where CalAtlantic’s lighting solution, LumiTraxs Retail, comes in to play for your business. LumiTraxs Retail is the advanced lighting system that not only increases the efficiency of your business with low cost energy consumption, but also works in tandem with other Cal Atlantic security solutions to help improve the security of your business.

Smart and Reliable lighting does not have to gouge your budget

While any security solution is going to be an investment and therefore never cheap, the technology behind CalAtlantic’s LumiTrax makes it possible for our lights to last an average of 25% longer than traditional commercial lighting products. This lighting efficiency translates into money saving for your business, and overall better energy consumption practices that are better for the environment.

LumiTraxs Lighting solutions allow you to have greater control over the settings throughout business premises

CalAtlantic’s SmartPod lighting solutions are networkable and capable of being programmed for easy monitoring and control no matter what current set-up you are using. LumiTraxs smart lights are also designed to be dimmable and responsive to both movement and daylight, saving you hundreds in unnecessary energy bills. Moreover, LumiTraxs can operate with other Cal Atlantic security solutions, such as InteleTraxs and FleetTraxs, to give you the most comprehensive options for your business facility.

Intelligent lighting solutions provided by LumiTraxs work to enhance existing security systems

Features like motion-activated sensors, individual room control and monitoring capabilities, and network programmability make LumiTraxs a unique and comprehensive way of protecting your business at all hours of the day. When a business facility or other commercial establishment operates with a smart lighting system, not only does it make it easier for customers and employees to move about the premises with quality and reliable lighting everywhere they go, it also makes it easier for existing security systems to perform their functions as well.

Help to deter night crime and burglary at your facility with smart lighting solutions

Motion and occupancy activated light sensors are one of the quickest ways to stop a criminal in the act because they are overcome with fear at the sudden visibility of bright light and also the fact that they could be seen and caught, that they run away and never commit the crime. LumiTrax is a smart and efficient component of protecting your business at night.

The combination of reliability and intelligent solutions will make CalAtlantic’s LumiTraxs lighting solution the premiere product for boosting security and energy efficiency for your business! For more information on how CalAtlantic’s various security services and products can benefit and protect your business, contact us today to find out more!

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