Retail Security System Solutions

            Collaborating with all departments and team members is key when it comes to protecting your retail business from loss and satisfying the needs of your customers, and now with intelligent video solutions and other surveillance products from CalAtlantic you can achieve this sense of security with ease. From processing intelligence reports to ensuring that public safety measures are being met, CalAtlantics retail solutions can improve the success of your business giving you the tools necessary to prioritize the safety and satisfaction of your customers, and those solutions include:


    InteleTraxs Retail: Increased customer-centric trends in todays retail industry means that you need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to comprehensively meeting the demands of your customers across departments. By collaborating between the various departments like loss prevention, HR, merchandising, sales and service, and distribution, you not only improve customer satisfaction, but also your ability to gather valuable data about your retail business.

    KeyTraxs Retail: Todays fast-paced consumer economy makes it necessary to improve traditional technologies, from cameras to keys, and with CalAtlantics KeyTraxs, a keyless facility is even safer than one with keys. Whether you need to customize KeyTraxs to allow only certain people access at certain business hours, or track and monitor employees access to company computers, you control the accessibility of the building and thus greatly reduce the chance of anyone unauthorized entering the premises.

    FleetTraxs Retail: When you need to know the location and status of your fleet, every second is precious, which is why FleetTraxs from CalAtlantic offers you an asset management tool that streamlines how you manage your retail fleet. With global asset tracking capabilities that lets you know the location of your fleet in real time, as well as other valuable information, you can minimize many of the risks associated with fleet transportation.

    LumiTraxs Retail: Dont let lighting solutions go overlooked when it comes to addressing the needs of your retail business solutions, as smart lighting technology can make or break the security of any location. Not to mention the fact that LumiTraxs also helps your retail business save money with more efficient lighting solutions.