Risk Management & Remote Loss

Risk Management & Remote Video Monitoring

Remote Video Surveillance

CalAtlantic’s highly acclaimed remote monitoring products provide our clients the ability to multi-task at their homes, offices, or on the road. It also allows our customers to simultaneously manage multiple facilities. Our security surveillance systems allow you to better manage your sales personnel, easily identify top producers, quickly evaluate employees, and verify cashier sales and receipts.

As a security surveillance company, we constantly strive to develop our systems to meet the growing and changing needs of our clients. Our remote video monitoring products position you to save on your most valuable asset – time. Our cost-saving solutions can help your business save thousands of dollars through reliable loss prevention that you can count on. 

Our remote monitoring equipment allows you to identify threats and protect your assets. You can keep track of your inventory through our remote video monitoring systems and observe transactions. As a manager, you can remain connected with other business facilities or office locations via remote video surveillance equipment.


Remote Loss Prevention & Security Surveillance 

If you’re an auto dealership, chances are that any unforeseeable damage or theft in the service drive can be costly and derail your operations. Our state-of-the-art remote video surveillance products can help your business with loss prevention. When it comes to your insurance premiums, having advanced security surveillance will help to decrease your liability, ultimately helping your business save on operating costs.

Our products can help you determine patterns in employee behavior to provide you with crucial information about any given location’s day-to-day business activities. You can stay informed without the hassle of expensive costs. Our advanced equipment can inform you of any inconsistencies so that you can be aware of any issues before they arise.