Security Systems


True Peace of Mind

Cargo Containers at the DocksAs technology continues to develop, becoming faster and a more integral part of every aspect of everyday life, the world of security systems and video surveillance advances right along with it. The industry is moving quickly towards completely integrated systems that combine features such as Access Control, LPR (License Plate Recognition), Video Transcoding, Video and Audio Analytics, HD Video Recording, Facial Capture and many other features in one simple control center, running 24 hours a day.

CalAtlantic stays up to date with industry trends by engineering, designing and installing proven, reliable technology in order to give our clients what we call "True Peace of Mind." Our focus is to ensure clients have essential, state of the art technology to protect and secure their business assets, manage and supervise personnel, vendors, and customers and be prepared for "unexpected visitors”.

At CalAtlantic, our goal is to produce a seamless, fully integrated solution for each client. Specifically we design a solution that will meet the needs of today’s world and provide opportunities for future integration and expansion. We truly are committed to working one on one with our clients to understand what can be done on our part to meet their individual security needs and customize a solution that fits within their designated budget.

CalAtlantic has put extensive effort into ensuring that we have the library of tools and products necessary to provide a system with all the accessories that any facility could require. The products we currently offer provide a wide range of security functions, but we do not limit ourselves to only our specialized areas. CalAtlantic is constantly innovating and refining our selection.

Currently, we specialize in: Analytic Software, Surveillance Systems, IP and Analog Cameras, Video Management Software (VMS), Burglar Alarm Systems, Fire and Life Safety, IT and Network Systems, National and International Communication and Data Solutions, Fiber Networks, IP Phone and Data Systems, Point of Sale Systems, RFID Technology, Advanced Analytic Data Processing (AADP), and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Applications.

Keep in mind that each of these products is designed to be capable of full integration, meaning that these systems can connect and be accessed using one simple interface. Depending on what type of facility you have, you might only need a small selection of these surveillance and analytic systems. You will want to determine the value of the products that you are protecting to decide what level of integration will provide the highest return on investment for you.

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