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True Peace of Mind

Cargo Containers at the DocksAs technology continues to develop, becoming faster and a more integral part of every aspect of everyday life, the world of security systems and video surveillance advances right along with it. The industry is moving quickly towards completely integrated systems that combine features such as Access Control, LPR (License Plate Recognition), Video Transcoding, Video and Audio Analytics, HD Video Recording, Facial Capture and many other features in one simple control center.

CalAtlantic stays up to date with industry trends by engineering, designing and installing proven, reliable technology in order to give our clients what we call "True Peace of Mind." Our focus is to ensure clients have essential, state of the art technology to protect and secure their business assets, manage and supervise personnel, vendors, and customers and be prepared for "unexpected visitors”.

At CalAtlantic, our goal is to produce a seamless, fully integrated solution for each client. Specifically we design a solution that will meet the needs of today’s world and provide opportunities for future integration and expansion. We truly are committed to working one on one with our clients to understand what can be done on our part to meet their individual security needs and customize a solution that fits within their designated budget.

CalAtlantic has put extensive effort into ensuring that we have the library of tools and products necessary to provide a system with all the accessories that any facility could require. The products we currently offer provide a wide range of security functions, but we do not limit ourselves to only our specialized areas. CalAtlantic is constantly innovating and refining our selection.

Currently, we specialize in: Analytic Software, Surveillance Systems, IP and Analog Cameras, Video Management Software (VMS), Burglar Alarm Systems, Fire and Life Safety, IT and Network Systems, National and International Communication and Data Solutions, Fiber Networks, IP Phone and Data Systems, Point of Sale Systems, RFID Technology, Advanced Analytic Data Processing (AADP), and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Applications.

Keep in mind that each of these products is designed to be capable of full integration, meaning that these systems can connect and be accessed using one simple interface. Depending on what type of facility you have, you might only need a small selection of these surveillance and analytic systems. You will want to determine the value of the products that you are protecting to decide what level of integration will provide the highest return on investment for you.

In the tabs below you will find more detailed information about each of these products.

Surveillance Systems

You Can’t Afford Not To Have One.

The presence of cameras is effective in reducing crime. The key is not just having the cameras, but the manner in which they are used – how many cameras are employed, where they are set up and how well they are monitored.

CalAtlantic Surveillance Systems are highly effective because they are customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Because CalAtlantic’s Systems are adaptable from CCTV analog to an IP-based surveillance environment, they can offer a low cost-effective answer to many surveillance scenarios; they are interchangeable and can be installed brand new or integrated with an existing system.

Car Assembly Surveillance Camera ShotBenefits & Uses:

  • Increase security & safety

  • Improve employee productivity

  • Prevent false claims

  • Real-time monitoring from your own computer

  • Digital storage

  • Visual evidence for investigations

  • Remote video monitoring from any location

Having a Surveillance System in place will save you time and money.


Access Control


Access Control System/Keyless Facility

Never Re-Key Your Facility Again!

CalAtlantic Access Control Systems allow you to control sensitive areas within your facility without having to use traditional keys. Having to re-key a facility because of one lost or stolen key is expensive. Our Access Control Systems make it simple: log in to your computer and disable the card. You're done!

Standard features control doors and the times each person can gain access. Our solution allows for customizable access rights and allows easy selection and deselection of these rights. Defined access rights can be applied to: specific doors, elevator floors, computers, business hours, holidays and more. Always know who is on your facility and where they are located with badge designs and colors defining departments, vendors and guests.

CalAtlantic’s Access Control Systems can also be used for gates. Deliveries at odd hours? Not a problem, CalAtlantic can set up your gates to be managed remotely allowing controlled access to your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CalAtlantic KeyTraxs Access Control System

  • Keyless facility

  • Completely customizable

  • Automated scheduled openings and closings

  • Independent department control

  • Integrated biometrics

  • Personnel tracking/computer access

  • Email/text/voice mail notification

  • Automated/supervised inventory deliveries

  • 24/7 remote access – immediate suspension of cards

  • Multiple site/global systems

  • Can be integrated with existing system


Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late.

Beware of burglars!

To prevent such mishaps, CalAtlantic has a wide array of anti-burglar security systems that are sure to protect you, your employees, and your resources. CalAtlantic believes that security systems are not a do-it-yourself affair. That is why we are here to keep you safe all the time.The number one enemy of any business is a burglar that can take away hard-earned profits, or even precious supplies, tools, and equipment. It would be such a dismay if after all the trouble you’ve been through during the business day, a thief would come in at night and ruin your hard work. It isn’t a joke to have to replace the lost resources after all the hard work you and your team put into them. 


CalAtlantic is constantly on the forefront of security technology. Being innovators in the security industry, you can be confident that our Burglar Alarm Systems are state-of-the-art! Aside from alarm systems, CalAtlantic has different security systems that will fit your particular needs.

For all-around security for your business, our security system can include the following features:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Perimeter sensors on doors and windows
  • Interior motion sensors
  • Glass breakage sensors
  • Panic buttons in appointed areas
  • Vault and safe systems 

Video Surveillance Systems

A good video surveillance system is your basic tool for a secured workplace. As video surveillance systems can be set both indoor and outdoor, you can capture what happens around the perimeter, and even in key places inside your place of business.

Video surveillance is a staple for security systems. CalAtlantic’s video surveillance systems are sure to help deter burglars from breaking in, or to be able to identify the culprit.

Interior Motion Sensors

Interior motion sensors can work in two ways: either by turning the lights on as if saying that there is somebody inside the premises, or by emitting an alarm when motion is detected, surprising the burglar and notifying nearby security officers.

The first one is more practicable for residential areas, but for businesses, the second one would more likely make sense. For more information regarding motion sensors, give CalAtlantic a call. 

Glass Breakage Sensors

Glass breakage sensors are fit for stores, banks, malls, and other businesses that make use of large glass walls. A strong alarm would go off once glass is broken by force. This would startle the burglar and call the attention of security officers.

Panic Buttons 

Panic buttons can help you reach out to local security, police, or emergency services. Banks actually have a type of panic button where they place in bait money that would be given to hold-uppers. It would immediately trigger in the nearest police station for help. Most convenience stores also have panic buttons since they are open 24 hours.

Use an Anti-Burglary System from CalAtlantic, now!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get an anti-burglary system now. Don’t think twice – call us now! Keep your resources, your business, your employees, and yourself out of harm’s way by availing a state-of-the-art CalAtlantic security system.

Fire/Life Safety


Fire AlarmFire, accidents and natural disasters can happen at any time. The effects can be devastating to your employees, and to your business. But it doesn’t have to be that way. CalAtlantic’s comprehensive Fire and Life Safety Solutions can minimize risk and help prevent property loss, while ensuring a safer environment.

CalAtlantic offer solutions for all your life safety needs, from powerful control panels and economical detectors to innovative signals. CalAtlantic offers a full range of engineered input and output modules, as well as accessories. Our customized products are developed specifically to your needs, whether it be for a single room, or for a whole building.

CalAtlantic’s products are compatible with other systems, so there's no need for wasting time on products that aren’t. CalAtlantic’s portfolio of products for fire and life safety makes protecting your employees and assets easy and effective. Get your fire and life safety solutions only from CalAtlantic. Call us now!

Get reliable Fire and Life Safety tools from CatlAlantic

CalAtlantic provides high-performing fire and life safety products that are sure to work when the need arises. CalAtlantic’s line of fire and life safety solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Smoke Detectors

CalAtlantic can provide you with sensitive smoke detectors so you can stop the fire before it worsens. Our smart smoke detectors will provide quick and necessary response to contain threats to your business. Moreover, our smoke detectors are proven to be long lasting, and will surely work when you need it to.

2. Gas Detectors

Sometimes, it is gas and not smoke that signals an impending catastrophe. Carbon Monoxide is one of these. That is why we also offer gas detectors that can help you prevent disaster. Our smoke and gas detectors are equipped with self-assessment mechanisms so that you are informed when it’s time for them to be serviced to prevent false alarms.

3. Alarms and notification systems

Detection is nothing if you are not notified of it. Our fire alarms are of the highest standards and will provide reliable protection.We have a number of notification and communication systems that can fit your particular need. Communication is crucial in saving lives during disasters. Make sure that you have the right tools only from CalAtlantic.

4. Special Hazards Suppression

Businesses that need more than sprinklers to suppress potential hazards can find the right solution through CalAtlantic. We have special hazards suppression systems to protect your site, especially those that include chemicals and other flammables. Seeking advanced protection for your high-value equipment and processes? CalAtlantic can provide the right solution for you!

For the safety you need, get the right tools only from CalAtlantic

CalAtlantic provides high quality and high performance tools that can provide the safety you need and deserve. You are assured that our fire and life safety solutions are some of the best that you can get in the market.

Call us at CalAtlantic now and start ensuring workplace safety through CalAtlantic’s line of comprehensive Life and Safety Solutions that are here to serve you. Call us now!

Business & Home Automation

Business and Home Automation Systems 

Business Automation Systems

CalAtlanticprovides leading solutions in business automation systems for our clients. From remote security options to automated office controls, we tailor our security solutions to enhance business productivity for different industries.

We understand the need that automotive dealerships have of finding energy efficient lighting and climate control solutions. In areas such as the service drive and the outside parking lot areas, which generally host around the clock lighting, energy costs add up very quickly. To offset these costs, our lighting control systems ensure that building lights work on a timer, while detecting any physical movement.

Our LumiTraxs Automotive lighting is a great option to help maximize energy efficiency. Each light can be dimmed and programmed for easy monitoring and control. These lamps in our lights will last on average 25% longer than a traditional HID, fluorescent, or even LED lights. This automotive automation system is just one example of our business products that will help you achieve optimal energy efficiency and save you money each month.

The retail industry is made up of many distinct departments and sectors; yet, all of these need to function cohesively and have uniform surveillance. Cal Atlantic’s InteleTraxs Retail provides a solution for accomplishing retail security goals by not only focusing on loss preventions, but also meeting broader needs such as public safety, measuring business performance and enhancing customer service. This business automation solution combines video management and analytics software to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what occurs throughout your entire business operation. 

Supply Chain & Transportation
Other intelligent products such as KeyTraxs Supply Chain and FleetTraxs Transportationoffer other comprehensive benefits that will greatly enhance your logistics experience.

Home Automation Security Information
When it comes to protecting your family and loved ones, we understand that you want to stay connected with your home while on the go. Our quality-assured home automation system allows you to have remote access to your residence’s security, lighting and entertainment systems.

Simply having surveillance cameras won’t protect your home, but having smart cameras that are well monitored and well placed will greatly enhance your home security. CalAtlantic’s surveillance options are fully adaptable from CCTV analog to an IP-based system so that you can remotely manage everything from a single remote device. This allows your surveillance system to work for you and alert you of suspicious activity from any location.

An anti-burglar alarm system will give you peace of mind knowing that your home will quickly warn you of any possible intruders. This system is not something that you would want to compromise on, because it could prevent detrimental loss in a time of need. CalAtlantic’santi-burglar alarm systems feature video surveillance, interior or exterior motion sensors, breakage sensors and panic buttons. Those features will help you instantaneously reach out to the police as soon as your system becomes aware of a possible break in. With such a comprehensive system you should be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that your home security is constantly ready to defend itself from burglars.

Fire/Life Safety
Fires are so unpredictable and cannot always be prevented from starting even when we undertake the highest precautions. However, with highly sensitive fire alarm systems and other life safety alarm systems integrated into your home, you can feel protected and confident should a hazardous situation ever present itself. CalAtlantic’s recommended fire and life safety systems include smoke detectors, gas detectors, alarm and notification systems, and special hazards suppression. While these tools might not feel urgent to you right now, they will bring so much peace of mind and in a moment of need you will be so glad that you took the time and money to invest in prevention technology.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics…Future Proof, Intelligent IP Surveillance

Closer Than You Think…

There are many video surveillance deployment strategies available, however in order to maximize productivity and long-term value, the recommended deployment strategy for digital video is an advanced IP-Surveillance solution. If you have already deployed CCTV, then migration to true IP surveillance is closer than you think.

Migrate analog CCTV to Intelligent IP video surveillance into a single platform by combining CalAtlantic’s InteleTraxs Analytic Intelligence Software using our Green Eco Series Network Video Servers.

Red Fire Alarm SignalFeatures:

  • Unlimited number of sites

  • Unlimited number of cameras per server

  • Unlimited multi-server (server farm)

  • Support for multiple camera types (e.g. analog, IP, USB, megapixel etc.)

  • Simultaneous video streams from single camera

  • Network video support (MJPEG/MPEG-4/H.264)

  • Record on motion (video motion detection from camera)

  • Record locally – record on schedule – record on alarm

  • Record NAS/SAN/DAS

  • Audio recording support

  • Customizable user access levels

  • Symphony web client

  • Multi-language

  • PDA client

  • Video wall

Intelligent Solution... Intelligent Choice.

Business Analytics Data Sheet Click Here



Lighting Now Made Intelligent

SmartPod Lighting Solutions CalAtlantic's Smart Lighting Solution

Lighting is an essential element of any residential or commercial establishment. When we try to amp up our homes or our place of business, our lighting should never get left behind. Thankfully, we have CalAtlantic’s SmartPod Lighting Solutions!

The SmartPod Lighting Solutions combines CalAtlantic’s intelligent business security solutions with smart, low-cost, energy-efficient lighting. Each light is networkable for easy programming, monitoring and control. CalAtlantic’s Lighting Systems can be combined with our Green Eco Series Solutions to create the most comprehensive solution for your facility.

Smart and High Quality Lighting

CalAtlantic’s lights on average have a 25% longer lamp life than traditional high-intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent or light-emitting diode (LED) lights. Better lumen maintenance means less labor and replacement to be recycled.

They are dimmable and can be used in conjunction with occupancy (motion-detecting) and daylight sensors. This would put an end to turning your lights off and on manually. And the daylight detectors would make it so that the lights get turned off when there is enough light already in the house.  

Smarten up your lighting with CalAtlantic

CalAtlantic turns your lighting system into a smart system.

There is no need to re-engineer your current lighting plan because we can just work with what you already have. This would allow you to save money, rather than having to spend more have to rewire the whole system again. 

CalAtlantic prioritizes your satisfaction. While power costs continue to go up, CalAtlantic helps keep them down in the most efficient manner possible.

CalAtlantic is the best choice for SmartPod Lighting Solutions. If you have any questions regarding our services or how we can help SmartPod become a reality for your business, contact us today!