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You Damaged My Car!

Enhanced Video & Audio Asset Protection SolutionEnhanced Video & Audio Asset Protection Solution

ServiceTraxs is an automotive business solution that assists you in determining if your customer has a valid claim or not. CalAtlantic’s High Definition Video/Audio Solution allows you to find the answer fast and easy with visual and audio verification. Don’t let the hectic morning walk around the vehicle be your only source of data. ServiceTraxs can let you see everything from a crack in the windshield to a missing hubcap.

Car Assembly Video SurveillanceServiceTraxs Features:

  • Enhanced audio
  • Know what was really said between your Service Department, Cashier, Parts Employees and your Customer.
  • Sight and sound technology by CalAtlantic
  • Live remote video/audio
  • View simultaneously multiple locations
  • Improved CSI
  • Enhance employee training
  • Synchronized recording of high quality CalAtlantic Audio/Video Solutions for easy verification

One of the highest liability areas of your dealership…”slip and falls” can be reviewed with ServiceTraxs. We can provide a report and video for the dealership and the insurance company.

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