Technology Partners

Client Relationships

CalAtlantic works with technology partners that follow best-practices and are compatible with our business standards. Together we develop tightly integrated and customized state-of-the-art solutions able to meet the demands of the industry and enhance the level of performance offered in our technology and services. The following are some of our partners:


CalAtlantic is a certified partner of Aimetis Corporation, a global leader in the realms of video surveillance. Aimetis is steering the integration of video analytics to all video surveillance systems. CalAtlantic has been a Certified Partner of the Year of Aimetis for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 so you can expect high-quality video surveillance products and systems from us. For more information on CalAtlantic’s video surveillance solutions, have a look at IntelleTraxs.


iPro is a global leader in the field of advanced software solutions. iPro is a long-time player in the industry and carries with it decades of experience in its craft. CalAtlantic is a certified partner of iPro. With this, you can expect that CalAtlantic products are powered by truly smart programming, ensuring that what you get are intelligent security solutions.


KeyScan, a premier brand of access control systems in the market, is backed up with over 25 years of company experience that is geared towards security through access control. As a certified partner of KeyScan, CalAtlantic also carries the same quality access control systems that will ensure security. For more information on CalAtlantic’s access control systems, have a look at KeyTraxs.


CalAtlantic is recognized by Vigilant Solutions, creators of some of the most state-of-the-art license plate recognition, facial recognition, and public records data fusion and analytic products in the market. Vigilant Solutions is geared towards protecting officers, families and communities, a goal that we at CalAtlantic also have. By trusting CalAlantic, you know that your safety and security is our utmost concern.


CalAlantic is a Solution Gold Partner of Axis Communications, a global leader in network video solutions. To be a Solution Gold Partner, Axis requires its partner to have demonstrated exceptional business performance. With that, you are sure that CalAtlantic is a company worth trusting.

Price Simms

CalAtlantic was named as a preferred vendor of the Price Simms auto group, a family-owned car dealership serving the Bay area. Price Simms was able to manage eleven dealerships spanning across twenty-one brands by focusing on employee training and advancement, eCommerce, and utilizing technology including CalAtlantic’s exclusive award-winning Security and Management Automotive Solution – the IntelleTraxs. Indeed, CalAtlantic’s products are worth putting your trust into.

Ecological Society of America

CalAtlantic is a member of the Ecological Society of America (ESA), the country’s primary organization that is rooted on the promotion of ecological principles to address environmental problem. As an ESA member, CalAtlantic has created the Green Eco Series, the eco-friendly network video server. CalAtlantic knows that the environment is a crucial part of the community and would not take it for granted – CalAtlantic wants it protected.

And our number one partner…YOU!

CalAtlantic treats you, our client, as our number one partner. Let us work hand-in-hand in keeping you safe and secured through our intelligent security solutions. By trusting us, you are putting the security of your home and business in good hands. CalAtlantic is looking forward to serving you more!