Supply Chain Logistics

Supply Chain Logistics

            Ensuring that your supply chain is operating seamlessly across manufacturing, distribution, and service and supply channels is an absolute necessity for every businesss surveillance system. One small glitch or detail overlooked in the supply chain can jeopardize your bottom line if its not promptly identified and addressed. This is where the surveillance system solutions from CalAtlantic can play a valuable role in protecting your assets and managing risk.


    InteleTraxs supply chain: CalAtlantics intelligent business solutions allow you to transform the basic camera into an information-processing machine that not only improves the safety and security of your business, but time productivity and efficiency as well.

    KeyTraxs supply chain: The risk of misplacing or losing your keys is a bit more consequential for a supply chain manager or the operator of a large fleet, which is why KeyTraxs is the intelligent keyless technology that both simplifies and strengthens the physical security of your operation.

    FleetTraxs supply chain: Minimizing risk while managing large fleet operations can be nearly impossible without the right surveillance tools, and CalAtlantics FleetTraxs solution helps to address this problem by providing you with helpful security features for your supply chain, including: locate that asset technology, real time inventory reports, point to point reporting and audit controls, and tracking authorized driver to truck controls.

    LumiTraxs supply chain: Lighting solutions are a key aspect of surveillance and security at every stage of the supply chain, and with the LumiTraxs supply chain solution from CalAtlantic you can rest assured that the safety of your property, products, and personnel will be better protected with these intelligent lighting solutions.