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Symphony (InteleTraxs)


CalAtlantic’s Analytic Video Management Solution: Powered by AI for a truly Intelligent Security Solution

CalAtlantic’s Analytic Video Management Solution, the Symphony(InteleTraxs), turns static cameras into the most reliable security and management tools, helping you better secure your assets and produce valuable management support. Symphony(InteleTraxs) is based on artificial intelligence, offering a quantum leap over traditional video motion detection sensors. CalAtlantic’s sophisticated mathematical algorithms filter out irrelevant background activity and deliver only relevant alarm information, ensuring that you can record significant events like unusual movements in the night.

CalAtlantic’s video analytics and management solution is designed for business users requiring real-time intelligence on camera feeds with enhanced based, event-based search capabilities.

Available features include:

  • Automatic control of PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras
  • “Smart Search” and business intelligence reports
  • Highly customizable
  • Search and display specific incidents immediately
  • Reduce investigation time
  • Quick asset protection

CalAtlantic’s Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance: Enhancing Your Guard Security Solutions with Security Specialists

CalAtlantic’s Symphony(InteleTraxs) Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance Solution is a cost-saving security solution that allows you to enhance your guard service by pairing it with our highly trained interactive specialists. The standard Symphony(InteleTraxs) is powered by artificial intelligence but with the Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance Solution, you get human control through competent security specialists.

CalAtlantic’s unique approach to designing a solution to meet your specific needs creates an opportunity in finding ways to reduce costs.

Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance can help enhance:

  • Logistics
  • Risk management
  • Loss control
  • Human resources
  • Security programs

Secure your Business with the Symphony(InteleTraxs) now!

The Symphony(InteleTraxs) Analytic Video Management and Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance Solutions can are both truly intelligent video surveillance solutions that can help secure your assets, and monitor both material and human resources, in a level that is more than what other surveillance solutions can even promise.

Whether you’ll opt for the AI-powered Analytic Video Management Solution, or you the security specialist-controlled Interactive Video Monitoring Surveillance Solution, you are sure that you are trusting your business’ security in the right security solutions.

If you are not sure which one to choose, you may call CalAtlantic and we can discuss which one of our high performance, high quality, and truly intelligent video surveillance solutions are best for you. So call us now and let’s get you secured!

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