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Symphony(InteleTraxs) VMS Training


Have information that the monitoring center needs to know? You can call us at our toll free number 877-686-5859 or email us at

Have a questions that weren't answered in the FAQ's, video, or written guide? You call us with your question at our toll free number 877-686-5859 or send us your question in an email to

Q: I don't see my timeline, how can i see the timeline?

A: At the top of the software is a box labeled "Timeline" that should have a purple square around it. If it does not, click on it and the timeline should appear. This is answered at 01:36 in the video.

Q: Can all the cameras be turned and zoomed in like the PTZ?

A: Unfortunately the cannot. Only the PTZ's can be turned and zoomed in through the software.

Q: How can I export footage?

A: The simplest way is to send a footage request to our investigations department with as much detail as possible. Otherwise please refer to 14:33 in the video.

Q: How do I turn my thermal cameras to color mode?

A: Thermal cameras are only available in the "black and white" mode with white being hot and black being cold.

Q: Do PTZ's record everything around them?

A: More than likely the PTZ's on your site are only able to record what they are looking at. However there are PTZ's that do record everything around them, but it is unlikely these are on your site.

Q: Is it possible to enhance an image or zoom it in to get more detail?

A: Unfortunately we do not have the means to enhance an image to any better quality than what can been seen. While it is possible to zoom in an image it will get blurrier and more pixelated the more you zoom in.

Q: What do I do if I've forgotten my login info for the viewing station or software?

A: You can send an email to to our service department and they will get you the info you need.

Q: The Viewing Station doesn't have internet, how do I fix this?

A: In order to enhance the security of your site and keep the system as secure as possible we have set up the viewing station so that it is able to see the camera network without having to reach the internet. The viewing station does not have internet connection by design and you should still be able to see the cameras. If this is not the case please contact our service department.